Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Books I Read - August

A Beautiful Poison by Lydia Kang (Amazon Firsts)

I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this as I was a little bored in the first few pages. But once the murder took place I was all in.

My Rec: Read it as an in-between book. 

MAD Librarian by Michael Guillebeau (NetGalley)

I'm not going to lie - I didn't care for this book.

From the very beginning it was nonstop whining and complaining about the politics of running a library and trying to get funding from the city. By Chapter 9 I was ready to throw in the towel because NOTHING had happened. Nothing was progressing. Librarian needs funding, city says no in a very sexist manner.

I felt slightly obligated to continue, plus I've been in a book funk and wanted to finish SOMETHING, but it was just so slow. The story progression was dreadful. I feel like I would have been more interested if something happened but by Chapter 13 I found myself just scrolling through hoping something would catch my eye.

My Rec: Don't even look at it.

Anything but Love by Abigail Strom (Kindle)

This was light and fluffy just as I knew it was. It's basically the formula for a romance novel. Two people are drawn together by some embarrassing event... they realize they're starting to fall for one another... there are mixed signals and miscommunication, and then BAM.... happy ending.

My Rec: Quick and easy read in between or to pass the time

Mermaid by Jodi Picoult

This book was a Kindle single and it was fun because it was animated. It featured art and animation specifically designed to enhance the story. As for the story, it was a quick and easy read that I found to be slightly disappointing. It ends abruptly and I needed more story.

My Rec: If you need a filler book

Also, because sometimes I feel ridiculously uncultured, I've decided to make a point to start reading classics. I'd like to say every other book but I know that's too lofty of a goal. I do, however, plan to read more classics in 2018 (but starting now). I'm going to use the 99 Classic Books Challenge list as a reference. I've read 7 of these to date and would like to be able to say I've read more. Join me?

Friday, September 8, 2017

What I Need More of in My Life

I spend a lot of time and energy focusing on the things and feelings I want to bring into my life. When I saw Stephanie initially post this a few weeks ago I knew I liked it enough that I needed to steal borrow the idea. 

  • beach days
  • laughs shared with Little Miss
  • time spent eating food that makes me happy
  • workouts that make me feel like a rock star
  • quiet evenings with no plans
  • evenings out with friends
  • the feeling of grass between my toes
  • the satisfaction of paying off a debt
  • people who elevate me
  • days off from work
  • OT hours in my paycheck
  • time spent on the couch with someone I like a lot
  • time spent by myself with my thoughts
  • meditation
  • journaling
  • coffee
  • water
  • deep conversations
  • cat cuddles
  • dog visits
What do you need more of?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

What's New With Me: August

August was kind of a weird month. I had something going on every single weekend and I'm really not sure how I made it to September. Here's a look at what went down:

The first weekend of the month was comprised of happy hour with coworkers; bar hopping in the city with my cousins who were up from Georgia, and a delicious 30th birthday dinner for my best friend. 

The next weekend can only be described as a shit show. On Saturday I had my best friend's baby shower {the one who had the birthday the previous week}. That same day I went into work at midnight, worked a full 8 hours, and took a car home. I changed my clothes, packed a bag and hopped in MY car to go pick up Dani and Alyssa so we could head down the shore for the day. Thank God for sun, sand, and salt water. It always recharges me. And that little nugget in the middle? omg.

The following week I met a former coworker for dinner at Fogo de Chao because Restaurant Week in the city is a big deal. That Friday I took a Greyhound to my mom's. The next day I went to another best friend's baby shower {this one for triplets!} and finished out the afternoon finishing up my tattoo. That evening we drove my mom's car back down to my house.

On Sunday we hit the highway and headed down the shore for a mini-vacay. We always stay at the same place when we go to Seaside. It's right on the boardwalk and makes for a fun few days. This year, even though we were missing my dad, we still had fun. One of the absolute coolest parts was seeing several groups of stingrays go by. Of course I had to look it up, but a group of sting rays is called a fever. The pic isn't mine, but that's exactly what it looked like. At first I thought it was some weird algae floating on the water and then as they got closer I could see them better. 

I finished out the month finally making it to Smorgasburg. It's essentially food heaven. And because 3 days with sun and sand isn't enough, I went to the beach the following weekend as well.

Squid Yakisoba and Fried Anchovies

I don't know about you but I'm kind of glad September is here. I love fall almost s much as summer and I've been looking forward to the steadily cooler temps, cozy sweaters, and steaming cups of coffee and soup.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sh*t Little Miss Says

There's no denying that kids can say the funniest things at times and my niece is no exception. The things she says leave me cracking up most of the time. Here are some gems she dropped lately.

Runs into the kitchen: Grandma! The floor is lava!

Crying uncontrollably and my mom finally gets her to explain why
LM: I don't want to quit the earth!

Mom: You're not going to die. You're going to get old like grandma.

LM: eew

All grandmas have to wear bras because they have sagging boobs

When talking about clothes:
I need new underwear because my butt has gotten bigger and these ones don't fit anymore.

While trying to get her to pee in the ocean:
We should have gone pee in the bathroom because there's no waves in there.

You're such a good grandma, that's why I did this for you.

I put these on my elbows for you (as she points to her shoulders)

Starbucks is my favorite store

When asking if she wants coffee:
Let's get it at Starbucks

I'm doing tushy clinches.

I don't like Gymboree because it's too girly and boy-ee.

Maybe you should get the kid stuff that helps you go potty that way you don't need a gentle push" {she was in the bathroom when she said this and I about died laughing because this kid clearly remembers  e v e r y t h i n g  she hears}

Ordering at the restaurant and the server asks if she wants fries or broccoli: Broccoli. Because I'm a big fan of broccoli.

Friday, September 1, 2017

2017 Fall Film Challenge

Hey peeps, long time no talk. 

I'm hoping that your summer has been awesome. Full of sunny days, laughs, and good times. I know mine has been. I've been looking forward to this weekend for about a month and a half now. Not because I want summer to be over... but because I want summer to be over {a little!} and I need a break from all the business that went on these past few months. Not to mention that for me, Labor Day is the official-unofficial end of summer. I'm ready for fall!

I didn't participate last year but I've compiled my list and I'm all set to take on the 2017 Fall Film Challenge. It starts today. Here's a look at what I'll be watching:

one. Starring anthony hopkins. Red 2 
two. Listed on nathan bransford's best hundred movies challenge. The Shawshank Redemption 
three. About charity: As Good as it Gets 
four. Starring robert downey, jr. Avengers: Age of Ultron
five. About envy: Envy 
six. About faith. Hail,Caesar! 
seven. About greed. Deepwater Horizon 
eight. About hope. Passengers 
nine. Starring jeremy irons. Assassin’s Creed 
ten. About justice. Deadpool 
eleven. Starring kevin bacon. Wild Things 
twelve. About lust. Vicky Cristina Barcelona 
thirteen. Starring ian mckellen. Beauty and the Beast (2017)
fourteen. Set in a castle. The Other Boleyn Girl 
fifteen. About fortitude. The Glass Castle (2017)
sixteen. About pride. Pride& Glory 
seventeen. Starring alan rickman. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 
eighteen. Released last year and reviewed on slothsandmovies.com. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 
 nineteen. About temperance. The Karate Kid (2010)
twenty. About prudence. Sense and Sensibility (1995)
twenty-one. Starring val kilmer. Batman Forever 
twenty-two. About wrath. Gone Girl 
twenty-three. Set in an exotic locale. The Jungle Book (2016)
twenty-four. About gluttony. Marie Antoinette 
twenty-five. Set in space. The Martian 

This year, in an effort to keep myself accountable, I'm going to give an roundup post every few movies about where I am in the challenge and what I though of the movies I chose. A sort of "show us your movies". I'm really excited for this years list since a lot of the movies are current and were on my TBW list. 

Are you participating? 

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


A couple months ago I let the wine lead me and finally took the plunge. I ordered a 23 and Me DNA kit. I've been patiently waiting for the results and they came back recently. 

After looking at all the percentages I felt.... off. It didn't make anything more clear or answer any questions but suddenly 32 years of utter speculation had gone out the window. I had cold hard "likelihoods" staring back at me. 

There was only one thing that surprised me. I expected to have a higher percentage of Native American heritage. I've always been under the impression that my maternal grandmother was predominantly Native American, but now I wonder. I'm hoping I can convince my mom to do this so I can see where she falls and therefore find out more about me. 

To dive a little deeper, the European breaks down like this:

Sub-Saharan African  51.0%
West African  42.6%   (Bantu, Cameroonian, Ghanian, Ivorian, Liberian, Luhya, Mandenka, Nigerian, Sierra Leonean, Yoruba)
East African  2.6%  (Eritrean, Ethiopian, Maasai, Somali)
Central & South African  2.0%  (Biaka Pygmies, Mbuti Pygmies, San)
Broadly Sub-Saharan African  3.8%
European  46.4%
Northwestern European 31.1%  (Irish, United Kingdom)
British & Irish  9.2%
Scandinavian  3.1%  (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)
Broadly Northwestern European  18.9%
Southern European  7.3% 
Broadly Southern European  7.3%
Broadly European  7.9%
East Asian & Native American  1.2%
Southeast Asian  0.8%    (Burmese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Lao, Malaysian, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese)
Native American  < 0.1%   
East Asian  < 0.1%
Broadly East Asian  < 0.1%
Broadly East Asian & Native American  0.3%
Unassigned  1.4%
There is a wide range of human diversity out there and sometimes our algorithm is unable to assign a region of DNA to a specific population. As we collect more data and update our algorithm, we expect that the amount of unassigned ancestry seen by customers will decrease.

I took it a step further and also ordered the health reports. These would give me insight into things like lactose intolerance, genetic weight, asparagus odor detection, sweet taste, carrier status traits and wellness, among other things.

I'm not going to go into too much detail here but here are some of the things that came up that I found interesting:

The one about curly hair made me laugh because I'm about as curly as they come. The one about genetic weight is fun because it actually makes sense. It stated the average {based on my height, age, gender} was 158. Add 5% to that and it put me at my ideal goal weight. 

The 23 and Me process is incredibly easy and straightforward. I expected 6-8 weeks for turnaround but I think it was closer to 4-5, which was nice. You get the kit in the mail, and although I would recommend reading the instructions, you simply spit into the test tube, mix in the stabilizer (for shipping) and send it back. Once your results are in you'll receive an email that breaks down their findings and all the reports you asked for (genetic or genetic and health).

At the end of the day, I know who I am. I know what I believe in, what I stand for. I know what lights me up, makes me cry, and sends me into a rage. 

I know what matters to me, and percentages on a piece of paper aren't it.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Things I'd like to say

Every once in a while I'm forced to hold my tongue. Not because I'm afraid of the repercussions of what I want to say, but because I try to be polite and not come off as a complete bitch. That being said sometimes, you just need to go off-the-cuff. 

Here are a few things that, if I'm being really real, you might hear me say.

+ STOP MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! Contrary to your beliefs, it's not always about you.

+ Do you honestly complain about absolutely everything? Try being grateful for once.

+ No, I really don't want to hear a "funny" story because I doubt you'll "make me laugh".

+ Are you really this fucking stupid?

+ Yes, that outfit does make you look fat.

+ No, I don't want to hang out and yes my couch is more important than you.

+ Excuse me? Can I punch you in the face now?

But sometimes.....