Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Serial Mom

It's that time of year again. The official (as far as I'm concerned) end of summer and the start of fall and new semesters. AKA... the days after Labor Day.
For anyone who's seen this movie, they should know where I'm going with this. And to those who are already disagreeing with me let me just say that I realize it's 2011. And guess what? I. Don't. Care.
As my awesome friend Laura so graciously put it, "It's 2011... if Gaga can wear all the crazy shit she wears in public... I can wear white pants". Although she is theoretically correct, she's wrong. It's just not okay. I don't give a shit whether the fashion industry says it's now acceptable - it's not. Maybe my mother and grandmother are to blame. My mother will defend this rule until she dies. Fight the good fight Mom! I'm with you!  Some rules are not meant to be broken. Let's look at the reasons shall we?
  • It's hard enough to keep white clean in the summer. Now you're going to add dirty rain water and snow to the mix?
  • There are 487461546 colors to wear for the next 9 months and you're adamant to wear white?
  • There is such a color as winter white. Maybe you should look into it.
I realize these reasons are all my opinion but seriously. Just don't go down that path. You've seen Serial Mom. You know what happens to people who wear white after Labor Day.

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