Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Animal Encounters

Hi. My name is Michael and I have a clowder. (Clowder: a group or cluster of cats) I have 4 to be exact. Sometimes I think "animal lover" is synonomous with "glutton for punishment". Don't get me wrong, I love these adorable little furballs. Even when to they puke on the freshly mopped floors; or when they decide to play tag with their food; or when they think that my desk chair is their scratching post; or when.... yea this list could go on for awhile. Point is, I wish someone had told me "Hey Michael, I know you want a pet and all but don't get a cat. Just stick with fish". It would have saved me years of headaches, litterboxes full of money and possibly certain furniture items.

Roxie is 8. She looks like she's still a kitten and she's by fat the cutest thing you'll ever lay your blurry, internet-gazing eyes upon. She's also fiercly protective if she needs to be. She's pretty much the equivalent to the guards outside Bunkingham Palace. Fur and all. For all her protection, I have to say it comes in handy sometimes. I can tell the difference between her hissing at the other cats (annoyance) and at something that shouldn't be there (Oh no Kimosabe, this is MY house!) Her protective skills have come into use twice in the past 2 years. Ironically, both were for the same reason. Monday night as I'm making dinner, Rox is sitting on a bar stool and I realize that she's looking at something intently. I pull back the curtain to see this...
...handsome little face!!!! (Insert squeals of delight) This is the 2nd time that I've had a visitor of the raccoon variety. The first one, last fall, was considerably larger and not anywhere near as friendly. This little guy was just adorable and I decided to name him Ramón. I was going to name him Rocky but I felt Ramón was much more exotic given his natural, um, exotic-ness. He was so friendly looking. It truly took all I had not to crack the screen and push some bread through. I really wanted to feed him. "Danger? Hah! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha ha!"(Just couldn't help quoting that movie.) Fortunately, I resisted my urges and kept the screen closed.... and snapped pictures of him.  

My Mom didn't think I should feed him. I told her "He's not a bad person" to which she responds with "He's "masked" for a reason". Hmph! My cousin (who is old enough to be my mom) said I should call animal control. My 2nd couisn (her daughter) said to pet it. Clearly I was for petting. But  restrained. Successful exercise in self-control? I think so!

Of course like the asshole animal lover I am, yesterday afternoon I left him some bread. Squirrels or birds may or may not have taken it since it wasn't there when I got home last night.
My fave!
So now not only do I have a clowder to tend to, I have some of the great outdoors making house calls. If he comes back again, rabies be damned, I'm feeding him!

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  1. Call me crazy, but I'd kind of like to see a territorial rumble between the cats and the raccoon family.