Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Betcha Didn't Know That!

While I was reading The Loaded Handbag last week I was introduced to Mental Floss. Let me just say that this site more than takes care of my time wasting needs. I'm actually overwhelmed as to how I should go about wasting my time. Should I get some random learn on? Take quizzes? Read blogs? Oh, the procrastination possibilities are endless!

That said, major shout outs to Nicki for bringing even more ways to procrastinate into my life. If I ever make it to Jeopardy with all this trivia, I'll owe you. Until then, I'm just going to share the wealth.

Random Things I learned This Week:
(compliments of Mental Floss)

Horses can't vomit

Under federal law, garment tags that contain the use-and-care instructions must last the lifetime of the garment, which is why most of those tags are so stiff and scratchy.

The fastest two-legged creature on Earth is the ostrich, which can reach 45 mph over short distances.
(If ACME had supplied these maybe Wile E. would have succeeded instead of getting beat up all the time. Just a thought.)

The Cashew is in reality a seed. Native to Brazil, the cashew is the seed of a Cashew Apple and contains an irritant toxin in its shell similar to poison ivy. This requires it to be de-shelled before shipped off to market.

While quarterbacks and running backs get most of the glory, NFL kickers almost always score more points than any other players on their teams.

In New Jersey and Oregon, pumping your own gas is illegal. These states banned self-service out of fear that untrained consumers might light themselves on fire. The laws are surprisingly popular with citizens, and any mention of their repeal has been met with fervent opposition.
(As a NJ resident I have to agree with this. As the bumper stickers say, "We pump our fists, not gas".)

Highway 9 in New York runs from Manhattan all the way to the capital city of Albany. You might know it better by its common name: Broadway.

Oh the power of useless knowledge. Reason #1 why I love Snapple Facts.


  1. i love these! trivia is so much fun (< things only geeks like me say)

  2. Oh how fun! And the no pumping your own gas thing in Jersey almost got me beat up by an attendant my first time driving there. I got out of the rental car and the dude looked at me like I was going to rob him or something... how was I to know?? But I like it, and think all states should let a girl stay warm and cozy in her car while someone else pumps gas for her.