Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Winter, Nice To See You

Monday. 'nuff said. I am so utterly distracted I have a feeling this post is going to follow suit. If so, I apologize in advance about the rambling that's about to ensue.

Anyone on the east coast is aware of the freak storm we had this weekend. I've affectionately adopted the Twitter hashtag, Snowtober. Personally, I was happy they were calling for some snow. I enjoy the powder. However, when 7pm rolled around and I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble but couldn't because I was plowed in with 4" of slush.... Yea, not too happy anymore. Still, I enjoyed the premature flurries and spent my day inside my cozy prison apartment doing Halloweeny things.

I hit the grocery store early in the day to pick up some things to keep with my domestic plans. While there I bit the bullet and bought 2 small pumpkins. I wasn't planning to even acknowledge Halloween this year but I wanted some seeds and I'm a snob and only like them fresh roasted by me. Soooo... as I said, I bought two small "pie pumpkins".

This is Igor.

This is George.

I don't know if it's because of the type they were, how old they were or what but let me just say... these things were a bitch to carve! George and Igor (yes I named them) were apparently not into the lobotomies I was planning and did everything in their little pumpkin powers to thwart my maniacal professional surgical efforts. However, with a little restraint, I won and now they're better off. Quiet, subdued and smiling brightly. Seriously though. When I say these things were hard, I mean HARD. I'm pretty sure if I threw it at someone they might be rendered unconscious. Or at least have a minor concussion. They feel mildly petrified if that makes any sense. I have a feeling they won't rot anytime soon so they'll be sticking around. Maybe they'll stay for thanksgiving.

As I adore all things trivia here are 40 fun facts about Halloween.

Happy Halloween!


  1. they look great! happy belated halloween :)

  2. I envy your pumpkin carvings. I tried to once...and it was awful.

    That snow was awful, too.


    And lobotomies? That's the perfect way of describing pumpkin carving. I'm totally with you on the seed thing-- I'm not a pumpkin person, but I will cut a bitch for some pumpkin seeds.