Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jamaican Me Crazy!

As winter slowly creeps in to the Tri-State area I'm confident I'll make it through the next 6 months relatively unscathed. As much as I like enjoy snow, scarf/mitten weather and the joys that come along with this season I'm already focusing on April. Spring training? Tax season? April showers? 3 strikes. April will be my shining beacon during the cold, gray, depressing days of winter. Why?
Because I'll be jet-setting to the warm, tropical, sunny, rum infused island of Jamaica in exactly 6 months from yesterday. I'm pretty happy about this for several reasons. 1) It's a vacations; 2) I've never been there and 3) I've never left the U.S. This trip just screams victory anyway you look at it. I got a SWEET deal from for a 5 day/4 night stay for 2 in Negril. Damage to my bank account? $320! I got their e-mail and pretty much bought the deal with Cheetah-like quickness. MBFF and I are super excited. However in true procrastinating fashion I still need to get my passport... and plane tickets. 6 months is plenty of time right? Right?? Feel free to lie to me.

I'm told I really only need a passport to get back IN the U.S.
I think I'll just save myself the $135 and go without one.
Given my penchant for organization, (I like to look at this as the Yin to my procrastinating Yang) I've been furiously Googling, searching, and note-taking about things to do and places to visit. My Mom has been to Jamaica twice and is pretty much in love. The first time they went she brought me back some Jamaican moolah, $687 dollars. As awesome as this was when I was 12, it's not so awesome now. It converts to about $8 bucks.
Still, I plan on drinking my way through the week so I'm sure I'll manage just fine. Fruit soaks up liquor right? I mean if watermelon loves vodka it only makes sense that strawberries and mango will like rum. My logic is indisputable.

Originally we were going to plan the trip and be all touristy seeing the sights an what not. Holy freaking boring!! We've decided we're just going to ride the island vibe and do whatever we feel like doing at any given moment. However, since I can't let my organization fairy die, I'll grab pamphlets from the hotel and ask what things are that are 'must do' in order to make sure we don't miss out on anything touristy.

Planning aside... Can. Not. Wait. Also? Must  buy plane tickets and  maybe passport with previously mentioned cheetah speed.

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  1. Tri-state area? Is that a Phineas & Ferb joke? No? Just me? Okay then. Awkward.

    All of my weirdness aside, that is an AMAZING deal. Now get on that passport train, woman!

    (That was my attempt at motivational speaking)