Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why I should have been a movie critic, or, I may possibly have OCD

I'm obsessed with movies. Not a movie snob, obsessed. Big difference. I love movies. Musicals, comedy, action, horror, black & white, old, independent, foreign (some)... I just truly enjoy the purpose they serve. At the beginning of the year sometime I stumbled on Yahoo's "See-Before-You-Die" lists of 100 All Time Greats and 100 Modern Classics. I've been working my way through the lists (my other obsession) since the beginning of the month. Let's just say, I have a ways to go. Which is good.

Feeding into my list-keeping, movie-watching obsessions I worked the Google on the Internet machine to try to find a site where I can keep track of every (and I do mean every) movie I've seen. I use Shelfari to keep track of books I'm currently reading and things I need to/have read. It's pretty convenient annnnnnd I like it! So back to my list OCD. I would use IMDB but since the site is blocked at my job, I'm kind of up shit's creek. Enter I Check Movies. It's like Shelfari for movies! I'm in list-making, mini check mark heaven! It's even IMDB compatible in that it has their Top 250 Movies list among a plethora of others. I've spent the better part of my work morning checking off movies I've seen and entering my own that aren't on the lists.

And if spending my work time (free time as my real work is completed) checking off every single movie I've ever joyously, painfully, begrudgingly sat through isn't a waste of time, well... then I wouldn't have just completed shameless topic #4 Waste Time. Ha! 2 birds. One stone.

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