Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Holy shit you guys; it's Wednesday! I lose all track of time during this time of year. In an attempt to manage the holiday chaos I'm in full list mode and I still feel like I'm forgetting to do things.

In any event, as sad as it is for me to do and say this, all this? All this magical emptiness...

... is the extent of today's post. The words are not with me today and I don't want to type on and on about how much I have to do or how I'm not feeling Christmas-y right now or other day-to-day BS, not today at least. I want my posts to have some sort of substance. I want you to visit, enjoy (hopefully) what you're reading and leave comments. Today I just can't offer that quality.

Maybe it's because today feels like Tuesday to me, which is a non-blog day. Either way I hope to have entertaining words for you on Friday. Oh the pressure! If Friday ends up being a waste of quality blogging then Monday will make up for it. My tree and holiday decor go up this weekend.

Read: pictures galore!

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