Friday, November 4, 2011

Bah Humbug!

As I just made the switch to MWF blogging it seems that Friday came... and went. I wasn't being a procrastinator for once, I swear! I was nose deep in a book all day. That's right. I was doing something other than trolling the interwebs! Imagine... So as I'm waiting for laundry to finish (yay for being slightly domestic) I find the time to check in with you all.

Although, while I was momentarily trolling the Yahoo headlines this morning I came across a story about a veteran facing eviction. Stories like this make me sick. These people fought for us and this is how we repay them? America needs a good bitch slapping sometimes.

Can we talk about Christmas for a minute? No? It's only the beginning of November, you say? MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! So please, someone, tell me why there's a damn Christmas tree up in the M & M store in Times Square. Anyone? I'll wait.

This shit just pisses me off. I don't really pay attention to Thanksgiving but dammit it shouldn't just be ignored like a fart in church. People don't ignore those? Oh. Well they try. Just like the retail world tries to take us straight from Halloween to Christmas town faster than Jack Skellington falls in love with snow. As of November 4th, I'm. Not. Ready. I don't want to see decorations. I don't want to hear carols and I sure as shit don't want you reminding me that Christmas is only 50 days away. Yea I'm talking to you @ChristmasCount.

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. The lights. The smell of snow in the crisp air. The warm cups of peppermint lattes. The shiny ribbon and wrapping paper. The shopping for the perfect gift. I love it all. I'm gay for Christmas. And for me, it starts on Black Friday (sorry StephanieC). I'm one of those nuts that gets up at 2am to stand in line for an hour in the cold to be first in a store that opens at 3am. Why? Because it's soooo much fun. If you've never done it, you won't understand. It's worth it though. Trust me.

So, until Thanksgiving has come and left me in a tryptophan induced coma, I don't want to see or hear a stitch of Christmas cheer.

Besides. Other, more important things still have to occur before Christmas.... like my birthday!

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  1. I'M GAY FOR CHRISTMAS TOOOOOO! But I went into Sears this weekend and LET IT SNOW was playing. I almost cut a bitch. I almost cut a bitch right there in the home appliance section. BECAUSE SERIOUSLY SEARS? It's the beginning of November. You haven't even cleared out the clearance Halloween crap yet. If I can still buy a $.75 stuffed, cross-eyed raven, you cannot play Christmas music.