Friday, November 18, 2011

Damn You Seth Green!

Ahh Friday. It's about time you showed up. As I mentioned on Wednesday, my best friend and her hubs are here this weekend and if there are any zany, what-the-french-toast, post worthy moments, believe me y'all will be the first to know. (Can I just say I love the phrase y'all? It just really hits it home if you ask me.)

Because the weekend is upon us, and I got paid a few days ago, I'm feeling particularly jovial (oooh good scrabble word!) which brings me to the following:

Let me just start by saying if you haven't seen or watch this show then you, my friend, are MISSING OUT.

I'm using this as my #1 Declare your love for an uncool TV show. However, let me be clear... this show is NOT in any way uncool. Not in the slightest.

The only reason it's being used in this context is because it is by the the stupidest, funniest, most idiotic, laugh-out-loud, did-that-just-happen!? show I have ever seen. I mean seriously. Have you guys seen this!? It's a huge guilty pleasure and if I had to choose between reality TV and Robot Chicken, take a guess who'd win. Yea. The chicken. 60% of the time... every time. And with that I give you these favorite clips.

Happy weekend everyone! Anything fun/dangerous/interesting planned??

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE ROBOT CHICKEN! Bok bok bok, bok bok bok...if anyone here doesn't know the theme song I am going to look like some obsessed chicken-loving fangirl.