Friday, November 11, 2011

Heigh-Ho; Heigh-Ho

First and foremost: a giant THANK YOU to our veterans.

It's been a while since I've knocked off an item on my Shameless list. With that I bring you #17: Discuss the reality of your work situation.

Work. The begrudged necessity. There are as many jobs/professions as there are colors. Some are bright and coveted while others are dark and not so glamorous. Still, there are options. I've been a cashier at a farm supply store; a waitress in both a seafood and a Mexican restaurant; a bill collector for MCI; a salesperson/cashier in two upscale department stores, and finally a legal secretary.
The homestretch of my daily commute.

I have spent the last 5 years working for a Nazi sole-practitioner in NJ. Since I was the only employee I was required to do everything. I slacked when possible (when he was in Croatia or Brazil, etc.) but even if I did, I still had to do the work I put off.. To make a stress and tear filled story short - my boss was an asshole. Some of his finer points? Underpaying me. Not withholding federal or state taxes, not giving me health insurance or benefits, and screaming at me when he was audited by the State for not paying said taxes. Obviously I wanted out. I applied and interviewed at places but the fishies weren't biting.

In the beginning of August I interviewed with the firm I'm with now. Three days later I was called back for a 2nd interview. I was actually surprised. It's not that I doubted my madd skillz myself. It was more the fact that I was intimidated to work in the city, even though it's been a goal of mine. The following week I received a call telling me I got the job. I cried. Finally I was leaving my hell hole of a dead-end job. I couldn't wait. I left my old job at the same time I was taking my week of vacation (good timing cosmos!) and was set to start my new job on the 22nd. I was given all the specifics of my salary and the pay schedule and was optimistic that this would finally start to ease some of the financial burdens I'd encountered, e.g. the back taxes. I acknowledged the fact that I would now have taxes, health insurance, 401(k) deductions and commuting expenses. It didn't matter. I was ready to have a real job. Even though I was working in a professional industry, my NJ job was anything but. My office attire was a daily dose of jeans, sweatshirts, sneakers, flip flops and tank tops. Basically, I wore whatever I wanted. Why? My boss came to work more dressed down that I did.

And then the shoe dropped.

Due to timing and the pay schedule at the new job I wouldn't see a full check until Sept. 15th. I was literally going a month without a paycheck. It was stressful but I managed. As it turns out with all of my necessary deductions I gross more but I bring home less. I'm still adjusting to what feels like a pay cut, even though it's not. A weird benefit? Because taxes are now being taken out any return I would be entitled to will be automatically applied to the back taxes. Thanks IRS... For all the expenses I've needed to cut I still wouldn't go back to my old job. Because of the "pay cut" I've had to become more frugal and conscious of my spending, but since when is that a bad thing? The only downfall/benefit to the new job? I have sooo much free time. Clearly this has been a blessing for all of you readers bored quirky sweet enough to pay attention to my ramblings. Aside from reading other awesome blogs it allows me to do any school work I need to put off do. The downfall? The Internet, the information super highway that it is, can be really boring ride when you're limited with what sites are permitted. No FML or lamebook for me.

So there it is. My work life in a nutshell. I no longer have work related stress, loathe my job, or wish my office would burn down. I'm now surrounded millions of strangers, in the greatest city on the east coast (Boston, shh, you know we'll be together someday), in a position that will allow me to advance when my little heart so desires.

What do you all love/hate about your jobs... or lack thereof?

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