Wednesday, November 2, 2011

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Happy Humpday people! We're almost there.

So before I break into today's topic I've got 2 minor announcements to make. First, I'm going to blog only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It keeps things interesting and most importantly I don't feel as if I'm getting all Dear Diary... on you guys. The second thing is that I've decided to read the one book I've owned my entire life but always choose to never read. Yup, Le Bible. Not because I'm looking for spiritual fulfillment or anything like that. Honestly? I just want to add it to the "Books I've Read" section of my Shelfari shelf. Yea... it's like that. Still, I've never read it and I don't see anything negative coming from reading it. Bucket list?Check.

As I was creeping through the Yahoo "top stories" I came across this gem. Have you ever drank or ate something while walking around a store and then pay for it on your way out? Who hasn't? Have you done it but forgot to pay? It's happened, don't lie. Just a little FYI... don't try it in Safeway. Who knew a $5 sandwich could result in jail time.

SO.... today as I'm almost ready to leave to go to work (early I might add!)my cat is adamant about getting behind the TV. I figured she's just trying to get at a spider or some other type of bug. She's good about that. So I go over and move the TV stand for her. She immediately lunges behind the TV as if life depends on it. A life did depend on it.... just not hers.

Meet Buddy. (I have a penchant for naming things) This little guy was the object of my cat's desire and she was intent on eating him. Or maybe she was going to be all Do you wanna play a game? Either way those scenarios weren't happening on my watch. The last thing I needed was some mousal (yea.. I made it up. Use it.) uprising. Can't you see it? 10 little mice carrying a bound cat above their heads all Kill the beast!  Yea... I clearly watch too much tv. Anywho...

Please ignore my lack of clean. 

I realize that this is a mouse. In my house. Generally it's frowned upon, even by me, but I'm a sucker when it comes to animals of any size. In his defense, he wasn't a rat. There might have been shrieks, girl-like behavior and possible frying pan abuse taking place if it was. After several attempts to corral 'Buddy' into a fishbowl where I could then deposit him back into nature, he was refusing to relocate.

Any logical person would have left 'Buddy' to his fate at the hand of four felines. Newsflash: I am not always logical. Instead of leaving him to the wolves cats, I coaxed him into what I suspect has been his hiding spot - the gap between the floor boards and the baseboard of the wall. I know. I know. I knooowww. In my house I saved a mouse. Let's all let out the collective 'Ew'. Ready? Eeeewww...

Better now? No? Oh well. I saved 'Buddy' for 3 reasons:
  1. I didn't want her eating a mouse;
  2. I didn't want 4 cats fighting over a mouse the size of a bottle of White-Out; and
  3. I didn't want to come home at 9:30 pm to a dead and/or half eaten mouse lying on my couch or in the middle of the floor.
Really, this was the best decision for all involved. I made a point to inform him that if he knows what's good for him and values his life he will never leave the sanctity of the wall. Ever. Again. Jigsaw I gave him a lesson. Maybe he'll change his mousy ways now. Next time he may not be so lucky.


  1. "Eeeeeew!"
    Four cat's and a mouse... it's only the beginning. You named him!? Let's face it you have a new pet.
    I wouldn't want mouse guts in my crib either... so I get you there.
    Size of a bottle of white out, my ass!! I thought it was a rat! *SHIVERS*
    Your cats are going to be in a frenzy today. They have a mission.... and it's name is Buddy!!
    Contact Le Bible... I hear it has all the answers. ;)

  2. hahaha "mousal uprising"?!

    That is literary GOLD! Le Bible has nothin'on you. lol.

    I hope all parties survive with heads in tact.

    p.s. - As I whined to Jayne, for all things lazy... grrr to word verification! ;)

  3. That mouse is adorable. Seriously. He looks a little like a Charlie to me, but you know, your call.

  4. Awwww...Buddy is cute.

    I'm new here so I just read your About page. I'm not sure, but I think we may be twins separated at birth.

    Love grammar? Check.
    Hate bad drivers? Check.
    Lists everywhere? Check.

    What are your thoughts on desserts?