Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh, what a knight!

Happy Monday y'all!! No seriously, I mean it. For the first time ever (probably) I'm glad it's Monday. Why? For starters this is a 2 and 3/4 day work week for me. Also? I just want this hellish week to be over with.

My weekend was pretty awesome actually! As I mentioned my friends were in from out o' town this weekend. Friday night we went to dinner in Hell's Kitchen (the neighborhood thing finally makes sense). Big ups to Yelp for helping me select the bar/pub we went to. We all enjoyed it. After that we went to the Empire State Building. I've been here on 2 previous occasions but stayed in the lobby. When you're standing on the same block or even 2 blocks away this building is massive and you can't take in all of its size because you're too close. As Cher would say, it's a Monet.

The ESB is something I take for granted. It's there, it's always been there and I'll get around to it "one of these days". It even made it's way to my preliminary 2012 STD list. Let me just say, if you've never been to the top of a skyscraper, you should try it. I found it to be a humbling experience.

The white lights are from the Chrysler Building
I'm on the 25th floor in my office building which I thought was pretty cool when I first started, hell, I still think it's cool to have a birds eye view. But the 86th floor? The view was incredible. It no longer needs to be on the 2012 list but I think I'll leave it and just add "during the day". It will be the same view but knowing NYC, it will look entirely different. One of my STD goals is to explore NYC more. I've lived here for just under 7 years and I still have yet to do a lot of the touristy things or find my own hidden jems.

Saturday night the three of us went to Medieval Times. This is another thing I've been wanting to do but kept putting it off. It was so. much. fun.  Fortunately I was on the green team so I was able to inform people that "Red knight's going down! Down, down, down!" Here are the pictures I was able to get. You'll have to excuse their general poorness. It was dark, my fabulous digital camera has literally disappeared, and all I had was my BlackBerry.

King's Court

Go Green!!

Unfortunately, after being victorious against all others, the Green knight fell to the Black & White knight.

Another highlight of my weekend? LION KING ON DVD  The boyfriend refused to watch it with me (I assure you, his dislike of Disney movies will be the end of us) so I watched it on Sunday... by myself... at 7am. Oh yes. I'm that girl! Sunday night I went to see Breaking Dawn, which I loved. I was disappointed with the sex scene though. I know it has to have a PG-13 rating but it could have been done differently and still maximized the umm, sex factor. Overall, good movie if you're a fan.

Now that I'm done being selfish gushing about my fun-filled weekend, was there anything of interest for you?


  1. I love short weeks. Every week should be a 3-day week. I'd even take 4 days.

    I've never been to Medieval Times though I've been meaning to go for awhile.

  2. My favorite bar in NYC is a rooftop bar with killer views of the ESB. Gorgeous at Christmastime, lemme tell you.

    I'm glad your weekend was a blast! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Medeival Times--as long as there's plenty of ale to wash the show down with!