Monday, November 7, 2011


Whelp, it's Monday. So umm... G'day mates! (don't ask...I think I'm craving Outback)

I would considerable myself a genius reasonably intelligent person. With that said, there are times when even I fall victim to instances of dumbfuckery. This weekend the clocks got rolled back. I'm familiar with the process and usually it goes off without a hitch. As usual I changed them before I went to bed. The problem? I set them ahead 1 hour. I'm going to use the excuse that I was half asleep while doing this. Fortunately I didn't need to be anywhere other than my couch on Sunday. I'd just like to say 6-2! My Giants came back with a W.

Reading Le Bible is going well. Still in Genesis. Still boring. Fortunately I have a year becuase this little venture is going to take quite awhile. Also, I'm about 4 days ahead of the proposed reading schedule so I guess I'm ok.

I'm contemplating on whether or not I'll be making the 3 hour trip to upstate NY to see the fam for Thanksgiving. I haven't been there since June but still, I'd rather not go. My hometown is just depressing to me now that I live in the fast paced, bank account raping world of NYC. Granted it will always be "home" and I do appreciate that part, it's just that I'm usually bored to tears when I'm there. Still... I suppose I should make the trip. Usually I'm all amped up for Black Friday (it's capitalized because for me, it's as good as a holiday) shopping. Sadly, I will not be venturing out at the wee hours of the morning this year because my bank account simply won't permit it. This new job is killing me (a post for next week I suppose) and it's just not doable. So Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Birthday weekend? Please come and go and take your beautifully glitzy, shiny, holiday cheer with you.

Since I never finished catching up with my horror classics in October I'm wrapping up the ones that were en route. I attempted to watch Children of the Corn this weekend (unfortunately it was the remake) and just as the two fornicators adults were arriving in Gatlin, the disc kept freezing. Now I have to get another. Arachnophobia had me jumping around my living room like a crazy. I like spiders, but this was just making my skin crawl. Tongiht it's House of the Dead annnnd catching up with Dexter.

Hmm... 3:00 pm. I should probably go to lunch now.


  1. I love Black Friday tooooooo! But this year it's a little less shiny and appealing because I've been writing about it since August. Now it just feels like work. Sigh.

  2. No Black Friday? Sniffle, sniffle.

    I didn't realize they came out with a new Children of the Corn movie. 7, I think. I need to watch that.