Monday, November 28, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

As you may know I made the 3 hour trip to my parents' house for the holiday weekend. I was initially dreading it but as usual, I was glad I went.

The trip there? Nightmare. I stood in the pouring rain on my way into NYC, the lines for Greyhound were insane (yay for being an Internet slave. I already had my tickets). I was able to board an earlier (by 2 hrs) bus and once on the road things weren't as bad. I was able to sit by myself the entire ride so of course I used my cat-like abilities and curled up in an attempt to sleep. Since life likes to irritate me, I was freezing. I don't think the heat was on and I was still damp and chilled to the bone from standing in the rain.

Once in Binghamton things were fine. Mom was there to "collect" me and off we went to the liquor store for bottles o'vino. The weekend then unfolded in traditional fashion. Mom and I make pies, I antagonize my siblings, mom and I make lots of jokes, dad sits in the chair glued to the TV. The Day of Fat is finally here and all goes well. Mom gave me my birthday present. Something I truly was not expecting...

F yeah!!!!
Sadly Mom has to go to work at 8pm because her store opened at 9pm Thursday to kick off their Black Friday sales. She does this every year but it still sucks. I drop mom off to work and I proceed to get in my necessary lines at the wee hours in order to promote the commercialism that is Christmas. Unlike Black Friday's past, this year didn't have the disposable cash to warrant an all out spree du shop. I  was actually planning on skipping the entire joyous occasion. But... my will power sucks. So shop I did.

All this? $21.90 SCORE!!!

In my defense I was AWESOME!!  I didn't buy much and what I did buy I needed. Yeah... I went Black Friday shopping for myself. What?? The deals were good. Sooo.. I bought 2 new pairs of jeans, 2 shirts for work, 550TC sheets, and candle-y goodies from Bath & Body Works. My damage? Under $100. Yeah, I'm that good.

Friday afternoon was spent in a voluntary coma of snuggledom.  Friday Mom and I played Scrabble, which we do every year. And like every year, she beat me.... 800 to 530. In my defense she's been playing since she was 13. Plus, being older she automatically knows more words than me. It was still fun. In my out of it state I invented the word fictitional. Feel free to use it. It's similar to fictitious...

My brother on guitar/vocals and his friend Kevin on drums.

Saturday night my brother and his band, Faceplant, had a show at one of the bars in the area. The kid is 14. He's pretty obsessed with Green Day right now so they did a bunch of Green Day covers and one original song which was actually really good. The pictures are dark and semi-blurry because my camera is still AWOL and BlackBerry sucks.

In honor of it being the day I started my rise to my 15 minutes of fame I present you with one of the very first photos of me (Mom hates this picture of her)

So, Happy Birthday to me. Bring me cupcakes or feel my wrath (please?)


  1. Happy Birthday! Way to go on the shopping thriftiness. I commend your guts to brave the crowds. Me, I didn't have near enough pepper spray to warrant a trip out.

  2. Happy Birthday! Black Friday shopping for yourself doesnt count as being selfish if your bday is, oh, 60 days +/- black friday.

    That being said, when my mom asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her on Friday, I almost snarled. Almost. I don't like crowds.

  3. Happy Birthday! I can't wait to hear about how you like your Kindle. That's what I'm putting on my Christmas list.

  4. Lucky about the PC tablet! :D And also Happy Birthday! We hope you have a great day! =D

  5. Had a great birthday. Thanks everyone!

  6. Happy Birthday lovely! Tell me all about the Kindle Fire-- I wrote about it awhile back and I'm deathly curious!