Wednesday, November 16, 2011

White Rabbit Anyone?

I feel bad for Wednesday. I really do. It's like the middle child that everyone ignores. We've got songs about Monday thanks to the Mamas and the Papas; songs about Tuesday thanks to Lynard Skynard; and songs about Saturday thanks to Chicago. We even have an annoying song about Friday thanks to Rebecca Black and the insanity that is You Tube. There are songs about Wednesday (I googled on the internet machine), but they're lame so they don't count. Still, I adore Wednesday in all it's mid-week, hump-day glory.

Moving on....

The next 3 weeks are going to provide utter chaos for me. There is SO much going on (kind of) and I sort of feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I constantly have this I'm late! I'm late! feeling which just adds to the chaos. Awesome. Here's a peek inside my calendar for the upcoming weeks:

v     Friends from out of town (11/18)

My best friend from NY and her husband are visiting this weekend. They do this once a year and we spend the weekend walking around NYC doing touristy things. Not my favorite thing to do, but she enjoys it. So Friday morning while I rush to work I’ll be lugging a change of clothes and a plethora of snacks so that I can change and be ready to walk my socks off for the rest of the night.

v     Appointments (11/19)

Getting my teeth cleaned Saturday morning. I’m SO excited for this. I leave feeling all squeaky clean!

v     Cooking Class (11/21)

Many moons blogs ago, ok last week, I mentioned how I had bought a deal from Groupon for a cooking class. After much more important stuff procrastination I’m finally using it. Monday night I have a “Farm to Table” class where we’ll be using in season foods to create dishes. I’m just hoping it’s something I can make often or swap out ingredients with.

v     Heading to NY (11/23)

This will be the most chaotic day of the week. I’ve got work in the morning until 3 but my office closes early the day before major holidays (2 cheers for big business!) Then I need to double-time it to Port Authority to catch a Greyhound at 3:45 so that I can sleep/read/think for the next 3 hours on The World’s Most Boring Drive to my parents house. From there the weekend will most likely stick to the tradition of my being glad to be there for 1 out of 4 days while I torment my younger siblings, diffuse arguments between them and my rents and between my rents themselves and try to make time to see my 2 NY BFFs. Have I mentioned that I hate going home?

v     Back to NJ (11/27)

Sunday morning I make the same drive ride all over again back home.

v     HAPPY 27th TO ME!  (11/28)

I'm thinking this is a day for gluttony!

v     Christmas Tree Lighting (11/30)

This is a must do event every holiday season (one that I've never done but is on my 2011 STD list) I'll give it its own special post. I’ll be skipping school to make this happen but it’s worth it! Also it’s my MBFFs birthday!

v     Boyfriend’s Birthday (12/9)

I’m a great gift-giver. I make sure that it’s something special or that I know the recipient will love. Insert BF of 3 months… um no clue what to buy him! I’m leaning towards an authentic Yankees jersey (Jesus weeps) and possibly some other Yankees crap stuff for his truck. That's good right? I mean it's early, not to mention Christmas will then be 2 weeks away and I also have no clue what to buy there. Thoughts???

You know, at this point, maybe I should fall down the rabbit hole...

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  1. Wait, you're excited about a teeth cleaning?? What about the bleeding gums?!? (um, is that one of those things that I think happens to everyone and really only happens to me? uhoh.)