Friday, December 16, 2011

A Community I love

Day 16: A Community I Love - Online & IRL we're all part of a multitude of communities.  Tell us about one that moves you.

I'm pretty smitten with all you followers! I decided to start blogging because I like to write, but mainly to take up time at work and it's turned into something I really enjoy doing. I wasn't anticipating having followers. My first ever go around wasn't as successful and I quickly scrapped it. If I'm going to write/talk to myself I don't need to do it in an open forum. But now... I'm happy to say that I adore reading the blogs I follow. Whether it's for a laugh, something fun, or just the words someone has used... I love my blog community.

In real life I've had a 2 year crush on my town. I used to live in Fort Lee which is rightnext to the GWB. When I lived there I loved it. When I moved I thought I was going to hate it - I was wrong. I thought I'd miss my balcony... but now I have a roof that I can lay out on to my heart's content. I have a library that I frequent. And I do mean frequent. I have a municipal court who's overhead I help contribute to, a town that actually has "events", and a boy scout troop who will feed me endless plates of pancakes or pasta for a small donation. Not to mention there's a park diagonal from my building. My favorite local pub is within walking distance. My MBFF lives 15 minutes away and it's q u i e t. 


  1. I'm surprised at how much I like blogging and the blogging community, as well. I wasn't really expecting that when I started.

    Also, great redesign!

  2. That sounds like a lovely community to live in. And of course the blogging thing, we like having you around too!!