Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Author! Author!

Day 27: Author! Author! - Share with us the title and inside jacket cover of the book you'd most like to write.

The Title: It's Called Common Sense

Synopsis: Have you ever just wanted to slap, shake or kick someone and yell out, "Where is your common sense?!" Common sense is about the things people should know and do but apparently do not.

Excerpt: When someone is walking behind you and you go out/in a door, hold the door for them. Sorry, buffalo wings do not come from a buffalo. When you see an animal crossing the road, regardless of its size - brake! When you're waiting in traffic don't block the cross streets. Just because you're sitting in traffic doesn't mean I need to. If you see someone crying don't ask them if something is wrong. They're crying... clearly something is wrong. Yield does not mean stop. It means look-and-go!


Feel free to add your own! I can do compilation!

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