Friday, December 16, 2011

Dear Santa...

I took a half day at work today. It's Friday and I have to use my last PTO day before the end of the year. And since I like to maximize my days off I opted for a half day today and another next Friday. Oh yeaaa....

Since Christmas is just around the corner these are some of the things I'm asking Santa for. He better deliver...
  • New couch
  • Over-the-knee boots in Cognac or Black... or both.
  • New digital camera (mine is still AWOL)
  • Rain boots (I hate these but NYC puddles are deep enough to bathe in)
  • iPhone
  • A watch
  • Amazon gift card (I'm obsessed with my Kindle!)
  • Gap gift card
  • Laptop (Goodbye desk and 8 yr old PC)
In other news it's been suggested that I change the name of my 2012 STD list. For obvious reasons. Most notably:
 "Because, ummm, if you want to talk about goals, you should be shooting for zero STDs in 2012. (Always play safe my friend) :)"
So with that the 2012 Shit To Do list is becoming the 2012 Big To Do.

What are you asking for this year?


1 comment :

  1. I've never tried an over-the-knee boot, just the ones that come right below the knee. I may have to try one.