Saturday, December 17, 2011


Day 17: Loathing - Who or what do you loathe and how have you expressed that in 2011?

These are a few of my (un) favorite things:

  • People who stop at yield signs.
  • My temperamental shower. It's either scalding, good pressure but not hot or no pressure and a great temp. 
  • When my cat inhales its food and then seems to realize that was a bad idea. And pukes. All over a clean floor.
  • When my cats insist on waking me up at 7am on the weekend. Apparently cats don't acknowledge weekends. 
  • When Todd doesn't do what I've asked. 
  • When I've left the house, am waiting for the bus and then realize I forgot something.
  • My car. 
  • My couch. Which will soon be replaced with something cushy and new.
  • My phone. It has its good/bad days but at this point I'm just ready to be Team Anything-But-BlackBerry
  • My neighbors. Below I have a screaming brat, above thunder, and adjacent to my kitchen _______ (There was nothing I could say that wouldn't be offensive to someone. Just know that she and her 6 friends think that loud music on Tuesday at 2am is acceptable. Not to mention the fact that I live on the 3rd floor and can hear them on the first.) 
  • I used to loathe my job and boss from hell. But I'm moving on up... to the westside.. to the de--luxe office building in the skyyy..."


  1. I'm team anything but blackberry as well. I'd shank a bitch for an iphone. I swear.

  2. ditching my blackberry and going team iPhone changed my life, for reals! It's seems shallow, but oh well!
    Sucky neighbors are the worst! Mine are gone most of the time but when the elephants charge back home, it's always in the middle of the night and with lots of stomping and banging. I get revenge on them with lots of loud sex. I think we are even ha ha!