Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

I've been so wrapped up in doing Reverb11 that I haven't been posting about the everyday crazy mundane that's been taking place. Today we’re going to talk about hair.

Naturally my hair is curly. And I don’t mean wavy-curly. I mean corkscrew curly. People-pay-hundreds-to-make-it-look-like-mine curly. Annnd I love it. I never have to do anything special to it. I put it up in a clip and it’s date or special occasion ready. I’m pretty strict with my hair. As in I don’t let anyone touch it.... ever. I’ve never had a “hair appointment” and I don’t ever set foot in a salon. Why? The one time someone tried to do anything with my hair she was completely overwhelmed, got a brush stuck in it and after hours of whatever she did I got home, washed and did it myself.

That being said, when my hair needs a trim I obviously enlist some assistance. In 27 years my hair has been cut 3 times. My mom chopped off a 6” in 1996 because my hair was down to my ass (unstraightened). My 2nd cut came in March ’10 when I had my friend cut  off a 3-4". Sunday was my 3rd cut at 3". Obviously when straightened my hair becomes 4-5" longer than in it's natural state. 


Pre-cut. Notice the gross ends? We hate these. 
Post cut...
Tomorrow when I'm back to my curly self it will probably hit just below my shoulders... which I hate. Still, it grows quickly enough. And the crazy looking colors? A word to the wise, don't highlight curly hair. Straighten it first.

Remember when I was debating going to my work Christmas party and you all voted yes? Well I went. And it was awesome! I had a great time and I can't believe I was considering skipping it. I definitely would have missed out. There was an after-party at my favorite bar, Tonic, but I did skip that. Mainly because getting back to Jersey after 12am is a huge pain in the ass. I heard gossip about other coworkers; Learned one of the major partners is a pervert and was bet $100 to dance with him (regrettably, I chickened out); I made friends with some of my coworkers and took full advantage of an open bar. Apparently our department has a party sometime in January. I'll be going to this without hesitation.

12 days to go....

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  1. Your hair is awesome! I have plain straight hair that I've been trying to grow out for EVER (okay like two years), and it just won't grow quickly at all. Then the ends get so scraggly I HAVE to trim off the little bit that did grow. So frustrating. I wish I had thick hair.