Friday, December 9, 2011

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Today is a double day. There's stuff to share and  don't want to distract from reverb and combine posts, plus it would be really long .

I attempted to break out the holiday iTunes list and dance around the living room however it appears iTunes has gone AWOL. The icon is there but the program doesn't opens. I tried re-downloading it and I was given the options to repair or remove. I went with repair and still the same problem. Tonight I'll go with option B and see what happens. If my computer has  permanently disowned iTunes, God help the wrath I will unleash on it.

I got home from mi trabajo yesterday and stopped for a bottle of Barefoot wine. It's been too long since I've had ripened grape juice in the house. For a $10 bottle of Pinot Grigio, it was pretty good. Oddly enough I was thinking of Mayor Gia and her family wine troubles while I was contemplating if I should chill it, or drink it at room temp. I went with room temp. If that's not proper, I'd say I'm sorry but well... I'm not. Maybe someday I can be a wine snob (hint: STD 2012)...

I made cookies for boyfriend and I to snack on while we trimmed the tree.  I've been waiting what feels like weeks to do this. I enjoy decorating for Christmas SOO much it's almost insane. I have a majority of my grandmother's old ornaments that were on her tree and several other decorations and I use each and every one of them. I want new ornaments. Ones of my own. But when I think of leaving all of them packed in their boxes sitting in the closet at this time of year I can't bring myself to do it. Besides, new ornaments aren't cheap. And the new colors they have? Unacceptable. Barney purple, hot pink, and neon green do not belong on a Christmas tree.

One of my favorite ornaments of all is one that I made for my mom when I was maybe 3 years old. We lovingly refer to it as the "moonrock". It's a pink paper mâché ball that was covered in gold glitter. Time has obviously not been kind to the moonrock but nevertheless, it goes on the tree.

After untangling and testing the lights I found myself down to only 1 strand of working lights (i ahd 2). Since I'm too lazy to go buy another set, we worked with the one. We hung all the ornaments and were proud of our work. What say you?

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  1. Hahah thanks for the shoutout! I LOVE pinot grigio - barefoot is a good (CHEAP) brand, too.

    We always use old ornaments, too -- we even have this bag of old wooden ones I refuse to throw away (not even the broken ones). I don't put up a real tree at my apartment (lazy), but if I did I'd probably just steal some ornaments from my parents house. Yours is very cute!