Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shaking Things Up

Day 29: Shaking Things Up - Looking towards 2012, what can you do to shake things up a little next year?

It's ironic really. To shake things up requires me to be a little more tied down. Money issues are a big deal for me. I'm horrible at saving. And regardless of any budget I may come up with, it never works out. I've got big plans for 2012. Mainly, as you all have read about a zillion times - Jamaica. In order to shake things up and go HAM in April I need to stick to a pretty rigid schedule until then.

So... what's the plan? Whelp... for starters. I need to stick to my damn budgets. They're detailed so if I were to just stick to them, it would make a big difference. If that means leaving my debit card at home, so be it. No eating out for the next 2 months? Fine. I like to cook anyway. No matter how much shaking I do money still isn't falling from the sky. So it's up to me. Tighten the belt and go HAM... otherwise my "HAM" is going to be more like bologna.  And no one likes that.

In other aspects, I'm just going to try to continue on my path of awesome! Too egotistical? Yea well...

I'm sexy and I know it!
(Don't hate me because I love LMFAO!!)


  1. I think that sounds like a fantastic plan, staying the course can sometimes be the most earth shaking thing ever depending on what you are used to. I love LMFAO and yes, you are sexy and you (and we) know it! And when you are going HAM in Jamaica because you worked your plan, that will be a truly sweet moment for you!

  2. I'm sexy and i know it! Let's hope for another great year!