Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Reason for the Season

Playing Reverb11 catch-up sucks! I feel like I'm racing to finish a project!

Day 25: The reason for the season - What's the most memorable gift you've ever received?

Well, at 27 I've received lots of gifts. How does one stick out more than others. Each year there's something special, or something that creates a bigger smile than the others.

I truthfully don't think I can pick out one distinct gift. My mom is the best gift-giver I know (footsteps that I follow in). She actually listens when someone says, "You know, I'd love to have _____" or "I really need a ______" And that right there friends is the key to good gift giving. Especially if it's something that was said 6+ months prior.

As cop-out as it may seem, anything from my mom is a fave because she puts thought into it. It may be just a hounds-tooth scarf, but that scarf is to go with the red 3/4 length pea coat that is waiting 2 boxes away to be opened. No gift is randomly given or chosen for no reason.

And speaking of gifts. boyfriend got me a super yummy smelling candle (I was scolded for sniffing to intently and wanting to eat it) 2 NYG ornaments (it must have hurt him deeply to buy these, Cowboys fan that he is) and a NYG waffle maker (again, the pain) which I am SUPER excited to use. Actually, I'm hungry.... To the waffles!!!


  1. hahah an NYG waffle maker? Who woulda thought they made those! Every time the giants win, you should make him eat you victory waffles.

  2. I have a list on my computer so when someone says "I'd love to have _____" BAM! Goes on the list. Otherwise I'd just get everyone towels or something.

    Enjoy your waffles!