December 06, 2011

What made you laugh this year?

What made you laugh this year?

In some aspects this past year was incredibly stressful and there were times I wanted to throw in the towel. Laughter is a constant in my life and I’m sure this holds true for you in some way as well. It’s what gets us through. So, what made me laugh this year? Many of these moments required you to be there to really see the humor. Nonetheless, they had me in stitches.

  • Leaving the bar with MBFF and trying to walk through a wall because I thought it was the door. Watching another friend do the exact same thing 2 months later.

  • Unintentionally being drunk by 11pm on a Friday night with MBFF.

  • Putting on a pair of camouflage slippers in Wal*Mart with MBFF and yelling, “I can’t find my feet!”

  • Flipping through a book on Nazi Germany and seeing a picture of a dog by Hitler’s side. Stating, “$10 bucks says this dog is a German Sheppard”. (which it was)

  • Sitting at the table with my 14 yr old brother while he made jokes about a sock puppet. “What’s Socko’s favorite snake?      A cottonmouth.”

  • Reading Shit My Dad Says and Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me.

  • Watching a creepy guy, Ron, in his late forties hit on 20 yr olds at the bar.

  • Boyfriend and I were talking and he said someone famous, a musician, died on his birthday. I said, "Ringo?" "Close", he tells me. "George Harrison?", I guess again.  Finally he says, "No.. John Lennon".  And all I can say is, "Imagine..."  Then I proceeded to burst into laughter at my own unintentional pun. It was still funny days later.  

  • Memorial Day weekend I was down the shore and a picture of some woman with her CT hanging out. I posted it on FB and captioned it “Clam Bake”. My mom called me a bitch, I asked why and she commented saying, “I want that!” To be clear we were on the same page, which we obviously were not, I asked, “want what?” She responds, “Clams!” Clearly she didn’t get the joke so I had to explain. “Oh well um, I was being sarcastic because this lady has her “hoo-ha” hanging out”. She then tells me, “Ok ok. Now I get it. No thank you.”

Here’s to 2012 having just as many memorable laughs!


  1. I am rolling at your Beatles moment as well as the camouflaged feet moment. The latter is something I would do in a store. So great.

  2. Hahahaha your mom's response was best. My mom would so do something just like that, except I'd just leave her in the dark.

  3. Nothing better than watching someone walk straight into a non exit. The look of surprise is really quite priceless!