Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cookie Starts With C

For anyone who watches Family Guy, I trust you've seen this skit. If not, watch more TV!

Cookie Monster. In a bathroom. With a spoon. And a lighter. Words do it no justice. It plays out like this:

While I was home during Christmas weekend my mom, brother and I were all joking around and I mentioned this. I figured she'd chuckle. I was wrong. She outright laughed. It's now brought up a lot.

Today on my way to work I glanced up at the GMA board and there was Cookie Monster, in all his addicted glory, with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. I sent my mom a text saying: "Cookie Monster is on GMA. Wonder if he brought his spoon" She responded with a "ROFLMAO".

Mid-afternoon today she sends me a picture text...

My mom is hysterical.


  1. Hahhahah that is a great pic. BUT I'm really mad at all the blogs and tweets out there tonight because I'm really hungry and everyone is posting about food. I WANT COOKIES!!!!!!!!!