Friday, January 20, 2012

Dorks, Pigskin and STDs

Since my blogging schedule got thrown off with my anti-SOPA participation today will take on the flair of Wednesday and be randomesque. Which is the fancy way of saying this will be a I-don't-have-anything-to-discuss-so-you get-random-nonsense post. Exciting right?

I turned on the news this morning to listen to it while I went about my morning. The weather was on when the picture came up and our local weather guy Mike Woods was donning a Manning jersey (yay). Like the loser dork techie that I am, I tweeted it.
"@mikewoodsfox5 is repping the @Giants. love it!!!"
Not only did he retweet it... he started following me. Highlight of the day number 1. Don't judge me. 

Highlight number 2 came when I got to Port Authority and my brain caught up with the rest of the world and realized that it was in fact Friday. Yeeeaaaaa!

In case you don't know, there's a big game going on this Sunday. My boys in Blue are playing the Niners for the NFC Championship... and a shot at the Superbowl. I will be eating NY pancakes for breakfast on Sunday.

OMG! I almost forgot to mention! Boyfriend and I went to the mall last night just to walk around an get out of the house. We stopped in a store called Mind Games. It had your typical brain teasers and joke toys, board games and some DVDs (I bought Gremlins =]). The thing that really caught my attention? Sperm and STDs. Oh yes. They had this little gem by the register. They also had "eggs"

Readers, meet Sperm.
Not to be caught up in the "beauty" of toy fertilization the sole employee also informed me that had stuffed STDs. Whaaat?! Let me just say that if Chlamydia, Diarrhea, Herpes and HPV looked this cute and cuddly... you know what, let's not.  

Readers, meet Chlamydia, Diarrhea, Herpes and HPV
They had everything! Seriously. Tuberculosis, ticks, common cold, upset stomach, scum, The Clap, Mono, Flu, Ebola, Bird Flu, and a shit ton of others. I promise you... my best friend Laura is getting either herpes or the clap for her birthday. At $10 each, the lucky recipient will have to be someone who I really like. When you care to send the very best... send herpes.



    It's genius.

  2. Finally, a reason to get cuddly with Crabs. It's never too old to play with stuffed animals is it? Or germs, I suppose. Thanks for reading The Missing Link, btw! You rock! We hope you enjoyed it. If you leave a rating on the Amazon page, I'll owe you a beer:)

  3. In that case, I'll take a U.F.O. Hefeweizen please!

  4. This is fn great!!!!!