Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is Darwin On My Side?

To do my part for yesterday's Stop SOPA protest I didn't blog. I did however tweet, retweet, discuss, inform friends and sign petitions to kill the bill. I hope you did your part as well. If you're still unaware of what SOPA is all about, read up HERE or see the video(hint: it's not about soap or soup...)

In personal news things are actually pretty boring low-key. I should really just bask in the calmness for the next 4 days and enjoy it as much as possible. Nothing wrong with a little deadly sin (Sloth, in case you were wondering) every now and then. Come Monday things go full throttle again as I start my final semester. Seriously? So freaking excited! I promise to invite you all to my graduation shindig in May. Even if it consists of drunken tweeting or blogging (I know a certain someone is game).

I told y'all how I got some goldfish right? I know I did. Well I decided to name the little white one Powder. (FYI: the gold one is Frederick Hankerton Z--- but for short I call him Stu) I regret to inform you that sometime between 11:00 PM and 6:30 AM, Powder left us for the great fishy beyond. He was a "nice fish. Big fuckin' eyes. But a nice fish" Ok, not really. But he was a Bad Boy too. Ha! See what I did there! HA! Oh boy... it' is wayy too early for this lack of sanity. Anyhoosier... Powder was a nice fish. A small, hearty swimmer, but alas he served his purpose and went on to meet Triton at the pearly water gates. (Oh! The jokes are just flying today) So now down to 1 fish. I'm pretty sure Stu will be just fine. I mean in comparison, Powder was the size of Stu's tail. So, uh, yea, 2 points for Darwin.

I have my first kickboxing class tonight. Part of me really wants to wimp out. Isn't that pathetic?! Don't lie to me, I know it is. But I have to put my big girl underoos on and go. Wish me luck and hope I don't die.


  1. POWDER WILL TRULY BE MISSIED...:(..I will be front and center for this journey of many many accomplishments that we have set forth.. LOVE KISS KISS

  2. Awwwww that's a shame about the fish :( I was all up in Twitter about SOPA too.

  3. Did you go to kickboxing? Did you love it?