Friday, January 13, 2012

Mama! There's a girl in the castle!

I'm happy to report that all my school issues were resolved on Wednesday. I'm registered and classes start again on the 23rd. Graduation, here I come!
My 2012 BTD is a continuously growing list. This year I added that I wanted to take some form of martial arts. I was scheming doing some research with my friend Google and stumbled on a Tae Kwon Do studio close to me that offers a women's kickboxing class Tuesday and Thursday nights for an hour for $5 bucks! Umm..  SOLD!!! For 5 small ones I can at least give the class a try or two and see how I like it. I'm hoping I can assimilate myself and feel comfortable. One, it gets me some serious exercise, and two, I'm out, checking things off my list and hopefully meeting new people. Win-win people!

Boyfriend and I went to see Devil Inside the other night. Let me just tell you how lame that movie was - save your freakin' money! One, it wasn't scary at all. The "scariest" part? Having to listen to bones pop back into place when the possessed people removed themselves from pretzel form. Two, the ending. HORRIBLE. As in the worst ending I have ever seen. Of course Boyfriend defended the movie from my ranting with the defense that I'm not a horror fan. Um no. The movie was bad. As in I would have rather stayed home and watched Storage Wars (one of his favorite shows).

As for awesome movies... Beauty & the Beast comes out today in 3D. Oh yeaaaa! You know I'm going to see it. I mean, yea, I have it on DVD, but that's not the point. It's on the BIG screen. Must see Gaston fall in mud puddle. Must see Beast covered in birds. Must quote every line and sing every song!!!  Clearly I'll be going alone. And just as well. I hate when Boyfriend tries to rain on my Disney parade. Maybe Mayor Gia would like to join me? She's just as Disney crazed as I am.

And on that note...

"If it's not baroque, don't fix it!"


  1. Ughhhhhh I never want to see Devil Inside - looks scary. and gross. and scary.

    YAAAAAAAAY to beauty and the beast!!! My FAVE disney movie as a child. I'm so on board with this. 

  2. So glad to hear that your school debacle has been corrected. Hooray! 
    As for Beauty and the Beast, I am taking the princess to see it this weekend. I'm much more excited than she is and although we have seen it a hundred times, this is in 3D and on the big screen so I must see it again! 

  3. I'm super excited too and my logic exact!

  4. I'm glad your school issues have been sorted and that you've found a class. I took Taekwondo myself, it was good.

  5. Where is this kickboxing place?? Granted I don't live north anymore but still.. I've wanted to try that too for so long! Have fun!!
    and Beauty and the Beast is, in FACT, the greatest Disney movie ever. Did you know (some trivia comin' at ya'll now) that it was the first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award, and it is the reason the Academy now has an animated film category? :)

  6. It's in Lodi. Belle and Cinderella are my favorites as far as the princesses go. Aladdin and Lion King are the other two. Ahh hell, I love ALL Disney!

  7. Why are horror movies so hard to do right? I JUST WANT A GOOD MODERN CHILLER, HOLLYWOOD.

  8. Right?! Why is this so hard to do??