Monday, January 23, 2012

Man It Feels Good To Be A Giant

What glorious info should I share with you guys today? Maybe the fact that school starts tonight and I'm pretty happy given that it's my last semester. Or maybe I should share that it snowed on Saturday which I was more than content to watch movies in pj's  while lounging on the couch drinking hot tea. No... I think I'll just throw it out there...


Seriously. So. Effing. Excited. First and foremost, let it be known that my confidence in this team never falters. Sure I get pissed when we fumble or don't catch key passes or when Jacobs doesn't even gain a single yard, but I'll forever bleed blue. Second, all of the people who talk shit about the Giants and how we don't deserve to be there, we got lucky or any other type of crap you want to spew... Eat it. Bottom line - we worked hard, we won key games and we outplayed the rest of you. 

I took this picture of my MBFF to send to my cousin when she was
talking shit in the 2nd quarter... it's funny how truly appropriate it is.

And on that note, I'm going to get my daily fix of Pinterest. Rehab anyone?


  1. WOOHOO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!! They were giving me agita during the OT.

  2. Awwww, I'm happy for the Giants!

    Oh, man. I probably shouldn't say that too loudly. Or on the Internet. I live in Boston neighbors are going to come with red and blue pitchforks tomorrow. I'll probably get tarred and feathered or something.

  3. I'm hoping this is my last semester as well!

  4. With a title like this, I thought you were going to reveal that you're actually 6 foot 6.

    Also, while I have no particular allegiance to NY, I DO hate the Patriots, so I have to say a hearty "Go Giants!"

  5. yeah, the pats win too much. GO GIANTS!