Monday, January 30, 2012

Past Goblin City I'm Queen of the Laundry

Hellooooo Monday... (In my Jerry Seinfeld voice)

I don't know about y'all but I had a very productive weekend! Friday night I watched Labyrinth, which I absolutely love and haven't seen in quite some time. If you haven't seen this, (NICKI!!!) then you need to get on it. Special thanks to David Bowie and his super- packed spandex pants. I'm sure kids today would have nightmares on that alone.

Saturday I shopped. Which is something  have a love-hate relationship with. 1) I hate trying on clothes. And being that I'm curvy I have to try on everything. every store fits me differently. It's quite burdensome and irritating. First world problems people, first world problems. For shopping with a budget (read: spend as little as possible) I did pretty damn good. 2 new shirts and a pair of pants for $35 from 3 different stores. I actually love the pants so much I'm going to get another pair. For $9.99 at NY & Co? I think yes. Also? Shopping is exhausting. I was literally out from 10am (WW meeting) until 4pm. Needless to say I wasn't leaving the couch. It was me, tv and a bottle o'vino. Good times.

Seeing as how I was all over Bergen County on Saturday I figured I'd spend Sunday relaxing. Even the best laid plans.... I spent Sunday doing laundry. Given that there are laundry facilities in my building you'd think 'd be on top of this chore right? Yea... not hardly. See this pile? This is a close approximation to what I had...

Between blankets, sheets, towels, and clothes... who has time to do all of this!? Someday I dream of living in a space that has in-unit laundry. Piles like this wouldn't happen.... I swear!


  1. I LOVE new york and company. LOVE it.

  2. David Bowie's Labyrinth tights are the things of my dreams, not nightmares <3

  3. Ugh, the dreaded laundry pile. Even with the convenience of having a washer/dryer step away from my laundry basket, I still absolutely hate the chore. It's such a time suck! 

  4. Now I can never watch it!! What if it doesn't live up to the hype? I'M SO AFRAID

  5. What?! No! Bowie never fails to bring the AWESOME! Labyrinth will deliver. That's your 2012 BTD... WATCH LABYRINTH!