Monday, January 9, 2012

Say Whaaaat?

Just a heads up? This post is full of topics that have nothing to do with each other and contains some ranting. You know what? It's a typical Monday post.... Since  school is trying to ruin my life it's clear that I'm going to need to take a day off from work this week in order to straighten out the shenanigans. The whole situation has tried my patience.

Boyfriend and I were out this weekend and I was royally upset to find that a Barnes & Noble was closed. Not closed for the night. Out-of-business closed. Poof. Gone. No more books. How could this happen!? I was shocked when all Borders closed, but as that's not my bookstore I wasn't that upset. But B&N???  I can't accept it. There are still many I can go to but that's not the point. People need to read. They need to buy books. I have a Kindle and yea, I love it. I can buy books with the touch of a finger. I can have 1000s of books in a nice 5 x 7 size. But it doesn't mean I'll stop buying real books. The touch. The smell. There's nothing like a new book. Or old books for that matter. I've started collecting them. Not to read, but to use as decor. They really add personality if you ask me. Plus... they look awesome. So... GO BUY BOOKS! DO NOT LET BOOKSTORES DIE! 

Oh yea... did I mention that FYE is also closing?? Boyfriend made the observation that now there is no actual "music store" in which to buy a CD unless you go to Target or something. Sad. TV killed radio. Internet is killing everything else. (Even though I'd be semi-lost without it)

Back in 2009 I lost 40 pounds. Usually I don't flaunt this information just because it's semi-personal but I figured what's the big deal? Millions of people do it... and it works. So... I'm back on weight watchers. Overall, I don't eat horribly. It's more the fact that in the colder months I'll have double portions of stuff like mashed potatoes (YUM!) or I'll insist on having loaded cheese fries or something of that nature. Once spring and summer are here I'm all about fruit and salad. Still, I have 14 pounds that I want to lose by April for my trip. It's a completely realistic goal. I haven't worn a legit 2-piece (non-tankini) since I was 10 or something. My goal is to feel good enough to wear one on vacation. Wish me luck!



  1. First off, that's really sad about Barnes and Noble. I could go on a rant, but it's really the publishing industry that's killing bookstores. They're going the way of the movie industry - rather than lower prices and drive up sales, they're insisting you pay $20 for a book, are only publishing 'quick sales' (i.e. typical drivel with no longevity), and are treating e-books as the enemy, rather than as a companion for paperbacks. So much change needs to be made before paperbacks die forever.

    Also, Big Blue better watch out, because Tim Tebow and his right hand man Jesus are a-comin'!

  2. That is really sad about the bookstore closing :(

  3. Your Barnes and Noble closed? Wow mine gets tons of business

  4. Wow, poor Barnes and Noble. Yaaay giants! And good luck with WW...jennifer hudson has been all about it lately.

  5. The major bookstore in Canada is Chapters I think and I'd be devastated if they started closing down. :(