Friday, January 6, 2012

School Sucks

The Fall 2011 semester ended December 23rd. Awesome right? Yea I guess. I got my grades the other day and I scored an A, B+ and a B. So yea, I'm happy about that. What I'm not happy about is next semester.

 As I said the semester ended on December 23rd - a Friday. On the preceding Wednesday (the 21st) I get a call from the financial aid department telling me that the $1,000 grant that was pending was withdrawn and that if I need to take out a loan I need to do it before Friday. Apparently I made too much in 2010. $27k...that's too much? Tell that to my bills. So now I have an outstanding balance of $1,095.20 that needs to be paid prior to January 20th. Really??? Way to go BCC.

If owing weren't enough I've been barred from registering for the Spring 2012 semester until the balance is paid. Let me take this opportunity to let you in on the gravity of the situation...
This. Is. My. Last. Semester.

Oh yea. Let that bitch marinate. As of May 13, 2012 I am would be done with school. However now, I can't even register for my last 3 classes because the financial aid department employs people who are incapable of picking up a phone.

The back story is that (according to them) I submitted my 2010 taxes but they weren't signed. School started in September. They wait until December to call me and let me know that I need to sign it and then once I do that the grant is gone and I owe $1095? Oh, ok. Let's talk about what's wrong with this picture..

1) There is NO WAY that my tax return wasn't signed. First and foremost, it was the same return that was submitted to the IRS. You know, The Man. And if THEY accepted it that means it was signed. Because if it wasn't, THEY wouldn't have accepted the return. But they did. Acceptance = signed.

2) September to December is an awful lot of days. 78 school days to be exact. That's 78 days that someone could have, no, should have picked up the phone to tell me that it "wasn't signed". Instead they sent e-mails to a school address that I cannot access on a regular basis and therefore was not getting their notes.

So rather than getting ready to start my final semester in a few weeks I am instead trying to get in touch with someone in the Bursur's office of the financial aid office to get this straightened out so that I can register. Good right? Yea... if people answered the phone... or returned messages.. or answered e-mails. There is nothing (lie) that irritates me more than when someone, not even me, requires a call back to resolve an issue and the people or organization do not call back. I understand this is school but what the fuck happened to customer service??? I left you a brief, detailed message - return my damn phone call!

The only foreseeable way to resolve this also makes me seethe. I'm going to need to take a 1/2 to full day off from work so that I can personally plant myself in their respective offices until this matter is resolved.

Now that I'm thoroughly irritated again I need to call them and leave another message.


  1. Don't you just love how efficient and organized schools are?? Oh no they aren't at all. I'm sorry you are dealing with this frustration, especially so close to the end of your studies. Find a way. No matter what. Finish this up this semester. It WILL happen!

  2. That is such a goddamn crock.