Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Books v. Movies

I hope you all survived V-day relatively unscathed. Now that it's behind us it's time to get ready for one of spring's greatest holidays! No, I don't mean Easter. (Silly reader, Easter is for religious people.) I'm talking about St. Patty's Day! Nothing says spring like pints of beer (green is optional), crawling around lower Manhattan from bar to bar. I still need to buy my crawling ticket but I'm already in the spirits.

Yesterday I had to file a complaint with the BBB. I don't enjoy doing this but when my e-mails and phone calls go unanswered and there is $380 in dispute, well, I feel my complaint is warranted. I won't be specific but I cancelled a voucher with a certain online deal website and was told on the 27th that my refund was issued and I would receive it in 3-5 business days. It's the 15th. That would be 10 business days and I still have no refund. So yes, I'm irritated and yes, I complained. Although sometimes their deals are good I have a feeling this will be the last time I use this site. Saving money is one thing but if this is the type of customer service I have to deal with? I can go elsewhere.


So, the actual point of today's post?

I know that I, like many of you, like to read a book before seeing the movie. That said, I'm a little more than halfway through Catching Fire, which is Book 2 in the Hunger Games series. If you're not reading these - START! IMO, they're so well written as I was immediately sucked in. I heard about them vaguely and figured I'd get around to reading them eventually (I refused to read Twilight at first because everyone was reading it) but then I saw the movie trailer for The Hunger Games and I knew I needed to get through the book before the movie came out.

So I got to thinking... What are some of my favorite books that were turned into movies?

Hollywood has a knack for taking great books and leaving out entire sections in the interest of brevity. Or they add entire scenes that never happened, you know, for storytelling purposes (umm.. what?? The book is the story) Still... Here are some faves:

1) The Notebook. In defense of me the movie someone, I never read the book. I wasn't even aware there was a book until after I saw it. And unfortunately, once I've seen the movie, I'm hard-pressed to go back and read it.

2) Twilight Saga Mock me all you want. I loved these books. Maybe it's because I secretly wish vampires existed. Ok, now you can mock me. Either way, I devoured the books and couldn't wait for the movies. The movies are ehh. Since I've read, I expect certain things. Certain things that should, but don't, take place. Perfect example? The Edward-Bella sex scene from Breaking Dawn. In the book, my imagination concocted this wonderful scene where it fades to black where you see nothing but feathers falling. The movie? Well, let's just say they didn't consult me on how that scene should have played out.

3) The Help I read this after I started seeing previews for the movie. It looked good. if it looks good the book should be good right? Not quite. The book was AMAZING! I loved it. I still need to see the movie and compare.

4) Eat Love Pray I read this on my own and actually enjoyed it. About a year later the movie came out and I enjoyed it. They hit all they key points, of course added the "Hollywood Touch" but overall, I wouldn't complaint about it. Especially because I think Javier Bardem is just sexy.

5) Gone With the Wind Admittedly, I've never read the book. This will probably be the only book I read after seeing the movie. It's an American classic. And it's an all-time favorite.

6) RENT I know this is a play but I never saw the play before seeing the movie. I saw the play on Broadway in 2007 and I have to say that I enjoyed the movie more. Hollywood tainted me! I felt more for the movie than I did the actual acting. Maybe it was because it was my first Broadway play or most likely because I had preconceptions, but when it comes to RENT, I'm all for the movie... and the soundtrack.

7) Harry Potter Series My friend got me into the books. She sent me 1 and 2 (because she knew I'd love them) and although I fought it for a few months I finally started reading the first one. Couldn't put it down. I blazed through the rest of what was published and then started watching the movies up until the then present. Loved them. Loved the movies. 'Nuff said.

Others I enjoyed both versions of but don't feel like typing about? To Kill A Mockingbird; A Streetcar Named Desire; The Crucible; The Da Vinci Code; O (the one with Julia and Mekhi); Water For Elephants (I know I'll like it but I still need to see this)


What did you read and then love, or hate, the movie version of?
Or, what are you looking forward to?


  1. I LOVED the book for the help, and I thought the movie was pretty good. You can't help but notice all the inconsistencies between the book and movie - if you try to ignore those, its good!

  2. Hope the money shit is sorted soon. When it comes to books vs movies I typically go for books. I haven't watched the Harry Potter movies from the fourth onwards (and I made the mistake of watching the fourth one) and the fifth one was my favourite. The Twilight Saga is another example. Even female fans of the book say those movies aren't so good. I did like the books, but I made the mistake of watching the first movie and I have no desire to repeat it.

  3. I still have to see Rent live. It's on my bucketish list. If I had a bucketish-type list, that is. Hmmmmmm....maybe I should make one...

  4. I think that the Harry Potter movies did a brilliant job capturing the books.  Also on my book to movie awesomeness is the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Scott Pilgrim adaptation.  So far I've been very happy with the Song of Fire and Ice television adaptation, too.

    (I am such a fucking geek.)

  5. Okay, ready? I'm a Twilight fan too. *awaits mocking* Not because it's well-written or even a very well-told story (so much of it is just obvious and easy and frankly, lazy writing). But I've been sorta fascinated by vampire stories since I was in high school and I started reading the Anne Rice vampire stories. (Yeah, I'm addicted to True Blood too.) And I'm a sucker for a love story. I feel ya. Also, RENT is one of the greatest things ever. I've never seen a professional stage version but the movie and soundtrack are some of my most prized possessions.

  6. I just watched The Help the other day. I liked it!