Monday, February 6, 2012

Giants Nation

Unless you live under a rock, or you really don't care for the sport, which is blasphemous by the way, then you're aware that my GIANTS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!! It was a really good game. The Pats tried but it just wasn't meant to be.

MBFF and I after our big win!
I went to my local pub with the MBFF to watch the game. $40 got me unlimited food at the buffet, which was cool. But the best part? OPEN BAR! $40 open bar? Yes please! I had my fill, and then some, and was nicely intoxicated by the time I got home. This morning Boyfriend sent me a text saying he would have had sex with me if I had been "a little less drunk". Isn't that sweet? In response, I brayed like a jackass.

Tomorrow is the ticker tape parade and you can bet your ass I'm going. The parade starts at 11am at Battery Place and Washington Street in downtown Manhattan. I figure I'll need to be in NY by 8:30 so I can catch a train downtown and find a good spot. Middle, end? Beginning? Where do I stand?!?!  I'll probably end up in the middle somewhere. I intend to take lots of pictures so don't worry, you get to come too... sort of.

The rest of the weekend? Blah blah blah I shopped all day on Friday and I relaxed on Saturday. All in all? Great weekend!


  1. $40 for an open bar? WHERE DO I SIGN?!?

  2. Right?! How do I say no to this!

  3. I was glad to see the Giants win, at least a Manning took home the trophy. Unfortunately, the rest of my playmates in Vegas were hardcore Pats fans and almost pissed in my cheerios with being grouchy. It only lasted about 10 minutes though and then it was back to the fun. I didn't care, you know what I was wearing!!