Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Call Me Eyore

I've been in the worst mood lately. Not necessarily pissy but a general I hate my fucking life mood. Seriously, I feel like Eyore.

The part that is pissing me off? Nothing is actually wrong. I'm not sick. I can finally breathe through my nose again without residual congestion. Boyfriend and I are doing fine. School is about halfway through the semester. Work isn't stressful. And yet I'm feeling down. I'd blame it on the weather but it's not your average winter weather. I mean, it feels like late fall. The two things that are pissing me off? Planning this vacation to Jamaica and my living social refund that I mentioned previously.

Living Social
I am so pissed off about this situation I'm ready to just start hitting people. A quick back story, last year I purchased an escape deal from Living Social for a hotel deal in Jamaica. On Jan. 27, 2012 I asked it to be refunded because MBFF and I decided to go the all-inclusive package route. Why didn't we do this before? Because 360 for a 4 night/5 day hotel in Jamaica seemed like a steal. In any event, I asked it to be cancelled and it wasn't supposed to be a problem.

In between then and now I changed banks. I updated my info on all my accounts and websites. When I asked for the refund on the 27th it would be logical that since my info was updated, the credit would be applied accordingly. One would think...

Here we are almost a MONTH later and I'm told that Living Social issued the refund and that I need to take a 21 digit reference number (21 seriously!?) to my former bank and have them locate the funds in order to reimburse me. I did this on Saturday and the bank, as I expected, told me that because the account was closed they automatically rejected the refund and I need to contact Living Social.

I called them this morning. And then I was told that they have "confirmation" that the bank accepted the refund and that Living Social "no longer has the funds". Really?

Insert profanity rant and hair-pulling screams here: 

    (yea. I'm that pissed)

So I nicely (I was at my desk so my F-4 level of fury needed to be held back) told the rep and her supervisor that I don't care what they need to do but the $360 needs to be back in my account immediately. I reported them to the BBB almost 3 weeks ago. Of course that's not making a difference either.  I'm insanely livid over this whole situation. 2 weeks ago when it was "resolved" they gave me a $10 credit to the Living Social account in order to make more purchases. I'm tempted to tell them to shove their $10 on principle alone. However, that's $10 free dollars that I can find a way to drink or eat cupcakes with.

Since I spent 90% of my semi-monthly paychecks on rent, bills, keeping the IRS away from me and making sure I have food to eat building a comfortable savings is really low on the totem pole. That said, planning a Caribbean vacation for cheap isn't exactly easy. Since I'm dealing with the above nightmare, I'm basically starting from scratch. I know the dates I want to go but other than desire I don't have anything else. The plan is to get a package deal because my liver obviously thinks this is the only way to go. Smart liver. Anyway, I was hoping to go through an agent in order to make 200+ payments at a time through the end of April, start of May in order to pay for the vacation but not hurt myself financially. Nope. Liberty travel tells me that the flight would have to be paid in full (~900) upon booking and the remainder would be due at the start of April (~950). Fuck me. Granted the total cost is split by 2 but still, I don't have 900 just lying around to say oh hey, here ya go.

I'm beginning to think that Living Social is going to drive me insane and the only vacation I'll be taking this year is to a padded room. Actually, that could be quite enjoyable.


  1. I've always wanted to do an all-inclusive package. I would drink the HELL out of an all-inclusive package.

    That Living Social deal is INSANELY frustrating -- I hope it gets worked out soon. :(

  2. I have had horrific experiences in general with deal sites. I truly feel your fury for the runaround you are getting, and hope that it does get resolved, and QUICKLY.

    Some travel sites in Canada let you do installments... any way you could swing that? I can also tell you that the 2 hour drive to Ocho Rios Jamaica isn't worth it, that a few mid-range all inclusives in Montego Bay/Trelawny are great, and that one has a freakin' trapeze!!

    And I assure you that once you finally GET to Jamaica, you WILL feel better. I absolutely loved the place we stayed (okay, okay, the beach AND the trapeze made it).

    Stephanie C |

  3. This is exactly why I prefer to get in my bathing suit, grab a bottle of rum, fill the tub, and turn on the heat lamp and have a get away in my bathroom. People are asses, foreign water illnesses scare me, and my curvy self can't go anywhere near the Caribbean without being harassed non-stop (oh my horrible woes) lol. 

    Sorry about your situation though! that seriously sucks. 

  4. If only that were an option for me! I do lay out on my roof in the summer though. It's *almost* like going to the beach. Minus the waves, ocean air and segulls.

  5. That's exactly what I intend to do. It's the equivolent to open bar, and we know how that goes.