Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Nutty

February 1st already! Hard to believe. And this weather?! Crazy...but I'll take it! There's so much random to share with you guys I don't know where to begin!

Boyfriend said I couldn't "write" on the truck,
but I could "dot" it. HA!
Tuesday night is kind of "date night" for Boyfriend and I. Every week we go to a restaurant by my house called Luigi's. Nothing crazy just dinner, some drinks. Usually I get told I'm "angry" when we're there. Last night I went home and started in on my bottle of wine. So when we got to Luigi's I already felt...smiley. Needless to say, Boyfriend didn't call me angry at all last night! (Points for me!) While we were there we discussed my blog. I don't really promote it and if you're reading it (Thanks!) it's most likely because I read yours or you've stumbled upon it, presumably by accident. Recently, however, I've been putting it out there (Twitter) to broaden my audience. I let Boyfriend read some recent posts and he's decided that although crazy, I can be funny in my writing. (More points for me!)

Notice the placement of the faucet
and shower head...
How do you guys feel about your shower? Indifferent... love it? I for one hate my shower. It's normal sized, sure, but it's design is massively flawed if you ask me. Showering is just a straight up bitch. Either the shower curtain is molesting you or you're trying to get all sudsy and there's water pouring down washing it all away. After 2 years I've learned to adjust my placement so I can effectively lather, rinse, repeat. Boyfriend is still learning... and not well I might add. I'm pretty sure he despises this closet-sized bathing station more than I do.

As I mentioned before Mom turns 50 this month. In 12 days to be exact. She got her JPP jersey and looooved it. That award its MINE! I'm a card person. Christmas, birthday, just because... I like to send them. So for the big 5-0 I tried to find a funny card but in looking, they all just fell short. I did find one I liked and I'll be sending it to her. Along with this gem!
Mom likes squirrels... SMH
When it comes to construction paper... I OWN! I make her a card every year. Even though I try I really don't have the patience to stand in the card aisle going through them all to try to find the "right one". Also... Mom likes these because they're from me. Remember the Moonrock? i told her I was going to make her another one and she was pretty damn happy about it. Love I tell ya.

Oh and....
This is Oreo. Touch his box and he will bitch slap you.

Happy Wednesday peeps. Let's see what the Groundhog has to say tomorrow shall we?!


  1. I love the kitty! My shower is okay, but I am awful at cleaning it. Not a problem, til one day Boyfriend decided he needed to shower last minute so I didn't get a chance to clean it before he saw. He said it looked like a war zone. Not good.

  2. Dawwwww kitty ^^ We all need to be crazy sometimes, but he liked it, so that's what matters.

  3. I'm sure boyfriend appreciated smiley vs. angry. They usually do. Just don't set the bar too high, it's a bitch to maintain. Maybe aim for "luke warm" next time...

  4. Derrick and I used to have huge plans for a tricked-out shower. Our shower in Virginia was AMAZING. You never saw such a huge bathroom. It was the size of a Carrie Bradshaw-size closet And we had 2. 2 humongous bathrooms. In a 2-bedroom apartment. Ridiculously excessive, apartment complex people. But I thank you for your excess.

    Our bathroom in Mass? The size of a linen closet. Never seen such a bathroom. You hit three walls just in undressing yourself. There's nothing we can do with it. And it's too freezing to take baths (the back of the tub connects to the outer wall, which is freezing...because it's New winter). So long, leisurely showers turn into SWEET JESUS LET'S GET THIS OVER WITH.

  5. If my shower stuff was moved to the "correct" wall it would be on the outside wall. Actually, it's currently on an outer wall anyway. You know, I think Virginia just has amazing showers. My friends parents' master bathroom. Holy Jesus! The shower had dual heads, all glass, I could have slept in it.

  6. Oreo is awesome! I love the name and the kitty!

  7. I totally forgot Groundhog day is tomorrow - I do love that movie :)

    Pearls & Paws

  8. Wow that shower setup is really odd! I dont think I've ever seen faucet and shower heads on the side like that before! Weird. Our shower/tub is a pretty typical setup. It even comes with a towel rack on the opposite end of the tub from the shower head...which I really don't understand. Wouldn't that make your towel wet? I think sometimes bathroom designers maybe had too much to drink when planning it out ;)

  9. I've never seen a shower like that before.