Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parade Day

Today is a fun post. At least for me! Yesterday MBFF and I went to the Giants ticker tape parade in NYC. It was really cool to see all the players up close (as close as I could get) while surrounded by hundreds of fans. 

So I guess what I'm saying is..... This is my first "photo blog"  Yay!!

Look at this crowd!!
And this was just where I stopped to take a picture.


Coach Coughlin holding our Lombardi
 After the parade MBFF and I were going to hit the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade but since I'm GPS retarded we ended up at the South Street Seaport (also ok!). Personally, I prefer to do things the old fashioned way. You know, walk around looking for signs, maybe asking a stranger if I'm heading in the correct direction. It helps me get lost, in which case I end up where I need to be and  I find/see cool new sights along the way.  

So, while heading towards the FDR I spotted this gentleman and asked for a picture.

I absolutely love bagpipes. This photo was nothing short of required.
Besides... he marched in the parade!
 I didn't get to walk across the bridge yesterday but I did get to walk under it. I'm an architecture geek. Especially for old buildings and/or bridges. The GWB is cool, but the BK bridge? Gorgeous. 

Love this bridge. 
 Ahh the Fulton Fish Market. If you were a restaurateur or a retailer - this was the place to go.  It stood at the original site for 190-years (crazy!) surviving major fires in 1835, 1845, 1918 and 1995 (the first time I was ever there). I like that the building is still standing but since it's an open building, sealed off only by metal gates, it's turned into an abandoned building left to the elements. Still, you can almost see the history emanating from the place. It's old New York. 

This next picture doesn't affect me the same way it does millions of others. I was fortunate and didn't personally know anyone who was killed or hurt. It was a humbling moment to stand on Fulton Street knowing full well that just over 10 years ago this area was a literal disaster. These streets were full of horror and over time have partially returned to what they once were. 

WTC Memorial Tower.. Almost finished. 


  1. Great pictures!! Man that's awesome that you got to go...

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the pics, darlin'!  I has mired in the drudgery of work, but was happy when I got the tweet that you were going. :-)

    (Also I somehow wasn't following you, but just had you in my blogroll.  I've fixed this egregious fuck up.) 

  3. Love the pics! Looks like a lovely day that you and the man got to enjoy!