Monday, February 13, 2012

Sick Wit It

I'm so lazy sometimes. Although, in this particular instance, I have a good excuse. I'm sick. I've been bonding with my couch for the past 72 hours and I feel like jello. Partially because I have a head cold. Also because I haven't been doing anything other than watching crappy rom-com movies the entire time. And even though I had every intention of getting my blog posted this morning, clearly the couch overwhelmed me.

In any event tomorrow is V-day. I'm a super low key kind of chica so it's not important to me at all. In all seriousness, I'm content to stay home. But.... Boyfriend and I will be going to Outback. Not romantic for you? First of all, Aussie Fries. Second, I'm a steak whore. Give me a medium rare, well seasoned, little-blood-on-the-plate steak and I'm like melted butter. I love my meat.

I did take a moment from my couch coma to make a little kitchen magic. Now, I know I said I'm not a V-day kind of girl, and really, I'm not. I've had these foil tins in my cupboard for almost 3 years. I figured I might as well use them. Sooo... these were made for Boyfriend.

And this one? For y'all! 


  1. Delicious! I'm sorry you're sick. Outback sounds good to me!

  2. What are these magical Aussie Fries you speak of? I'm totally down with Outback though. Cheap drinks and cheap steaks FTW, bitches.

  3. Those look like some yummy cupcakes! Good on you for pulling off baking even in sickness... kudos! 

  4. Aussie Fries?! What are those?! It sounds like they will go deliciously with the Blooming Onion!  & just have to say I gagged a little when you mentioned blood on the plate (& again right now when I mentioned it). I like my steaks like I like my beef jerky. Well overdone. But hope you had a great Valentine's despite all the bloodod!

  5. Yikes: "blood". The screen was lagging. Thought I hadn't actually typed the full word!

  6. You've never heard of Aussie Fries?! O_o
    I can't explain - just order! (Hint: loaded cheese fries with a special dip) As delicious as the actual fries are I think it's really the dip that puts me over the edge. YUMM.