Friday, February 10, 2012

Won't You You Be My Visitor?

When I first started my blog it was just for me. Just to write some stuff and pass the time. And now all you crazy bored lovely people follow me. I have an audience! What?? When did this happen? Now I've done it... I've created expectations.

Yesterday, Brandon, over at My Own Private Idaho, wrote about guest posting. I find this ironic because it's something I've been tossing around for a couple of weeks. All his reasons for doing it are correct. It generates traffic for your blog and (hopefully) the guest posters; it frees the host from having to come up with something for the day, and it's something shiny and new. Someone else's thoughts.

With that said, I'm taking the plunge,  I want to open up my interwebs to a guest post.  If you follow me you'll know that this blog has no rhyme, reason, or general niche (Maybe I should work on that?) so you'll basically have free reign. Cursing, vulgarity, and off color jokes are all a GO in my book. Still, I'd love to have someone else's words splattered all over my interwebs to share with all of you. Wow... that was like blog porn right there.

Soooo, if you're interested. E-mail, tweet, or comment me and we'll figure something out!


  1. Hmm..good points. Right now I'm really possessive though. The only person who can guest post on my blog is Boyfriend :P

  2. Guest posting is terrific! I'll try to brainstorm some ideas for you. But can we talk about the hand holding that cup of tea? Why is it red? Why are the fingers so freakishly fat? BURNING QUESTIONS.

  3. I'd be interested in doing it, it could be fun. But I already owe someone else a guest post and I'm terrible without direction, I still need to write posts for myself.