Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You Call It, I Do It

In case you missed it on Twitter last night, this was my evening. As I said before, saddest. purchase. ever.

Judge away...
I've discovered the Time Warner iPhone app. I watched Scooby. Wine, cats, cartoons. Obviously all I'm missing is a little B & J. Now I can lie in bed and watch TV since I'm lame cheap broke and don't have a TV in my room. Boyfriend offered to go halvsies with me to get one ( so sweet!). I guess he's not a fan of no TV in the boom boom room. 

It is time (Rafiki voice)

I'm going to let y'all in on a little secret. Ready?

I'm not originally from NJ.

Do NOT repeat that to anyone. I've got a rep to uphold. When April finally gets here I'll have lived in NJ for 7 years but I feel as though I've lived here my entire life. And yet I still have TONS of exploring to do. Brooklyn, downtown, Hell's Kitchen, SoHo. I don't get out much. This year I plan to change that. 

I've decided that I should do one new, fun thing each weekend (finances permitting). Nothing crazy. Just things I want to see or find fun to do. Not to mention it gets me out of the house. I want to find those hidden jems. I want to try new things and have new experiences. Would you believe I've never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge? For that matter I've never walked across the GWB, seen Strawberry Fields, been to Carnegie Deli or Pinkberry. I'm sure these aren't on the To-Do list of most people but I'm a closet sight-seeing nerd. And I love taking pictures. I think it would be fun to be a "tourist" once a week or twice a month and see what new things I can try. I've been to the new Yankee stadium twice but if it's something you want to see, let me know! Boyfriend would love if I threw out the idea of going to a game. I want to make this fun and interactive if possible. For that, I'm going to require your help.

So my question to you: Is there any place in NYC that you've never been but would like to see? Something the city offers you'd like me to try?


  1. If you have never been to a concert in Central Park I highly recommend that you do so when it gets warmer. It was a great experience and a fun way to spend a day. Being from Philly I can grab a train to NY's kinda sad that I don't too often. 

  2. I have never gone to Ellis Island. Someday. Sooooomeday.

  3. I've never been to NYC :( So any pics would be great for me! I am particularly interested in seeing NYC graffitti pics and sinister alleyways!

    And I love this idea, by the way! Exploring stuff every week! Can't wait to see what you discover!

  4. I've never been either. Good choice!

  5. Sadly I haven't. This is something I really need to do.

  6. I like that idea. I'll see what I can do.

  7. You said "the boom boom room." That cracks me up.

    Pinkberry! Take a pick for me to see!

  8. I am so ashamed that I wrote "pick" instead of "pic."

  9. I'm equally ashamed for not noticing it. =[

  10. I've never been to Spanish Harlem, Alphabet City, and I've only spent a tiny bit of time in Harlem itself!