Monday, March 12, 2012

C is NOT for Cookie

Must have this shirt!
I find this sentiment to be fairly accurate. I mean, I grew up watching this. Oscar and Snuff were my besties. Big Bird was annoying. Grover had to be on some serious narcotics thinking he could fly. Elmo had ADHD. BertandErnie taught us about that special closeness with our friends. And then there's Cookie Monster.

This guy obviously has an addiction. He would stop at nothing to get his over sized paws on anything even resembling a cookie. Being a child star, thrown into the non-stop world of fame and money, it's not hard to see how that lovable furry guy turned into the mess he is today. One bad cookie and it all went down hill. Unfortunately this is the cookie monster I know today.
But, can I really blame him?

Have you ever had a treat so delicious you'd swear it was laced with some type of euphoric drug? Don't lie. I know you have. You know you have. And if you're one of those weirdos who doesn't like dessert... well, I have nothing nice to say to you. So I shall say nothing! I learned that on The Streets too. Or from my mother... I digress.

I'm a cupcakaholic. Even thinking about the soft, icing topped confections has me wanting to forgo my healthy lunch and run the 2 blocks to Magnolia's Bakery. When I was a kid, before I was an addict, I was content to eat vanilla cupcakes with whatever frosting they wore that day. In the last few years, cupcakes have moved up to "gourmet" level with creative, tantalizing flavors. Flavors?! It's almost too much for my sugar-loaded mind to handle.

My favorites?  French Toast, Cannoli and Carrot Cake. These may seem simple but they're just painfully delicious. Sinful. Devilish. Hedonistic. Harlots of the food world I tell you! As I was looking at these cute little cakes I decided to Google cupcake festivals. I come from a county that holds a "Spiedie Festival" and at this point there's almost one for everything so there has to be one for cupcakes right?! 


A full-day event of local bands, cupcakes, crafters, vendors, raffles, cupcakes, and... a cupcake eating contest! The link is for last year's event but it's no matter, I WILL be at the one for 2012. And the best part, aside from the obvious, it's that it's for local causes. Last year's proceeds went to the John A. Bukowski Shelter for Animals.

I haven't had a gourmet cupcake in quite some time. So venturing out for the soft cakey, delicately iced treat was worth anything that may have happened to me on the way there. What can I say? My addiction has taken it's toll and an intervention is useless. I'll just suffer in silence.

The damage?
Pistachio (ok) and Hummingbird (jackpot)


  1. I didn't know cupcakes like that existed. You have opened my eyes to a wonderful new world.

  2. Now that gourmet cupcakes are becoming popular, we have a ton of great cupcake bakeries around here. One of them makes this amazing Jack and coke cupcake... Tastes just like Jack and coke. It's so delicious it's evil.

  3. What!?  Get out there and consume!

  4. Oh, I need a shot of insulin just looking at those...mmmm!

  5. OMG...CUPCAKEFEST?!?!?  I'm afraid to click on the link because it's been quite some time since I got laid and I'm afraid that the excitement would cause me to orgasm here at my desk.  O_O

    In other news, did you know that Cookie Monster isn't the rabid cookie addict he was when we were growing up?  Now cookies are taught to be a "sometime treat" and "C" is for cucumber and cauliflower and all that bullshit!  Fuck that noise!  I want my diabetic, crackhead Cookie Monster dammit!

  6. I refuse to accept that C is for Cucumber. That's just blasphemous. Shame on you Sesame Street!

  7. I have a shirt like that that has all the Sesame Street characters and says "Street Smarts."

    I am one of those "weirdos" who doesn't really like dessert foods.

  8. OMG,  I am now in serious need of some cupcakes.  Sprinkles here I come and beware.  YUMMM!!!  :D, 

  9. Ahhhhh NOW I WANT A CUPCAKE. Damnit.

  10. Holy sweet delicious cupcake goodness! I hit Magnolia bakery for cupcakes on my last NYC trip, it was truly a highlight. I stuck to red velvet with cream cheese frosting (OMG) and then a chocolate devil's food cake with some sort of chocolaty goodness on top (OMFG). Totally on my list for my next trip! I'll call you and we can meet for a cupcake date! 

  11. Okay, 1, we're ALL GOING TO CUPCAKEFEST TOGETHER and we shall bask in the sugary-beautiful glow of such a magnificent event.
    2, if you're anywhere near Bergen, you need to get yourself to Crumbs Bake Shop in Ridgewood (there's another in Hoboken) and understand why I used to pay that place a visit on average once a week. My favorite there is red velvet, but their Milky Way, carrot cake, black and white, chocolate cheesecake.. actually, you know what, all of them. All of them are amazing. 

  12. I live in Bergen. There's a Crumb in TSQ too. I've been trying to avoid it actually, for obvious reasons.

  13. I must know: Is a hummingbird cupcake made with spice cake, banana, and pineapple? Because if it is, then I've had hummingbird cake before and all I can say is O. M. G.

  14. Thanks to my twittergasm, you already know my feelings on this magical cupcakefest.

    My addicting treats...Murphy's and Young's Chocolate Stout. Guinness on tap. Tequila sunrises. Handmade pasta.

    MY GOD ALL THE CARBS. That's my new song, apparently. C is for Carbs, they're good enough for me (but not my thighs)...

  15. C is for Carbs! haha Please write a song!