Monday, March 19, 2012

SPD 2012

Another holiday favorite come and gone. It's also an item crossed off my 2012 BTD. In continuing a recent tradition I spent Saturday watching the parade for a few hours and then stumbling around the lower west side hopping from bar to bar. I had two goals for the day: take pictures and get drunk. I managed to do both... somewhat.

Ready to go!

We skipped the parade this year. Mainly because we went last year and although it's the most attended parade, as well as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, it's also the most boring. Unless you want to see a bunch of high school marching bands, pipe and drum bands of the armed forces, and police, you're not missing anything. Even though bagpipes make my soul smile, I was more in the mood to drink.

District 36 was the bar we were registered at so it was stop number one. I should have taken a picture of the line. It was almost a city block long. (1 city block = 2 regular blocks) It took a full hour to get in the door. Had we had the option to go elsewhere and not have to pay again, we would have. After that wait a shot of Jameson was the first order of business. Since it was more of a club than a bar we consulted our map and headed out to our next closest bar, Croton Reservoir. They were out of beer for the pub crawl specials so we each had our regulars (Sam Adams and Honey Jack) more Jameson and then we headed to the Village.

Bar 13 in University Plaza was on the list and when we got there the place was pretty empty. They were also out of the crawl specials (really? you didn't order enough? you should know $1 beer is a sell out). It was either Corona, Modelo or Red Stripe. Somehow I managed and followed up with my first Amstel light. All I have to say is no thanks Amsterdam. Jameson to the rescue.

While people watching I witnessed the precursor to a potential foursome. Two couples came in and started dancing. It was more like sex with clothes on. The one couple seemed to be in a contest to eat the others face. And then before I knew what was happening the girls were eating eachother's faces. This went on for a good 15 minutes. Given my proximity, I was waiting for them to have sex in my lap. After the foursome had moved on, presumably to a dark corner somewhere, 4 people came in who I can only assume were NYU dance students. They were awesome. The guy was shaking, dropping and body rolling all over the place. He eas even throwing in pirouette's and they worked. The girl was equally good, using her hair as an extension of herself. Keeping step with every move he threw out. The two of them dropped it low directly in front of me. While watching in awe I hear they're friend say "How do you get that low?!" My thoughts exactly pal. I can get low. I mean it's not hard. But these two? They were only inches from the floor. I was amazed. And then they left. Like a spring rain. They came in, danced all over my little heart and left with nothing but a memory.

The makings of crêpe 1
It was time to go and we were going to the next bar, which turned out to be a bowling alley so we immediately bailed before even going in. Instead we went to Vive La Crêpe. I had never had a crêpe so I wasn't sure what to put in it. I let the nice guy making it decide. I ended up with white chocolate, strawberries, coconut and sliced almonds.

And then, I had my first real foodgasm. I thought I had before, but this took the cake. Warm, creamy, crunchy, fruity fireworks were bursting in my mouth. Seriously? Vive La Crêpe!!

That 1st bite...

It was the most glorious thing I've ever tasted. It was pure heaven. I am such a fat ass was so in love that I got a second one. This time it was honey, cinnamon apples, cream cheese, and walnuts. I was still climbing the walls. If the Virgin mary could eat one of these, she'd need to change her name.
Now it was time to go my local haven. The place where everyone knows my name. The 101 Pub, a/k/a home. Boyfriend met up with MBFF and I and the three of us proceeded to drink the rest of the night away sharing laughs and making new friends.
Isn't that what St. Paddy's is all about?


  1. AccordingtoJewelsMarch 19, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    lol sounds like a great time! :) I'm a bit jealous of that crepe! Not going to life. 

    And yes...St. Paddys is all about making new friends and having a blast! 

  2. If St. Pat's Day isn't a Two Crepe Day, then I don't know what it is!  Glad that you had an excellent time, darlin'.~

  3. I find all parades boring. At least you got drunk to keep the boredom at bay! Love the observation about the foursome. Haha!

  4. There's an epic St. Patrick's parade in Southie (of course) and I hear it's like the most epic thing you could possibly do in Boston if a.) you like drinking and more specifically b.) you like day drinking.

    Naturally, I am a champion at both. I also tolerate bagpipes. So I'm the perfect parade candidate, right?

    But this is combatted by my hatred of large groups of people and college-age drunk frat boys.

    So. You can see my dilemma. 

    Now, as to crepes: I love that you got a French CREPE on St. Paddy's because after spending six hours in an Irish pub I sought respite in a Mexican taqueria...and bought MEXICAN TORTILLAS. And you know what? They were the best damn tortillas I've ever had outside of Mexico. So foreign foodgasms on St. Pats FTW!

  5. St. Patrick's Day is my favorite!

    I got to hang out with my friends and stumble drunkenly around my not-as-desolate-this-weekend town, which is always a good time.

    Our parade was pretty boring, but that was to be expected.

    Glad to read (and see) that you had a good one!

  6. You went big! That's awesome! I love me a good mouthgasm, especially when it's crepe induced. YEEEUUUMMMMM! Glad you did it up right! 
    I loved your description of the dancers. Last time I was in NYC we ended up at the Red Lion, which I hear is close to NYU, in the middle of a swing dance conference and ended up getting swing-danced into the night by fresh young men. It was so random and so fun!