Friday, March 9, 2012

Top 5 Friday

Yesterday was way to nice to let pass by. So I did the most adult thing I know how to do. I called out of work. In my defense I was having some minor aches and pains so I chose to stay home. It was super productive! Cleaned the house, went for a nice 3.75 mile walk, played a little basketball, played "Ouch! Ouch! You're on My Hair" and hung out with friends. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love lists. It’s the anal, super-organized neat freak part of me. A list means a plan and a plan means action and action means… well, you know.

In any event I stole this from According to Jewels who stole it from Frisky over at The Frisky Virgin who left it for anyone to take. To “play”, list your Top 5 in each category.
1. Chris Hemsworth
2. Bill Nighy
3. Clark Gable
4. Pierce Brosnan - He makes me swoon as 007
5. Hugh Jackman

1. Zooey Deschanel
2. Sandra Bullock
3. Kate Beckinsale
4. Julie Andrews
5. Meryl Streep

1. Gone With the Wind
2. Pretty Woman
3. Anything Disney - Esp. Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella and The Lion King
4. Dirty Dancing

1. The Glass Castle – Jeanette Walls
2. The Da Vinci Code
3. Please Stop Laughing at Me – Jodee Blanco
4. Harry Potter series
5. Have A Little Faith – Mitch Albom

Moments that Inspire Me
1. Summer days
2. Anytime I’m down the shore
3. Being outdoors
4. When I eat well all day (no junk food or crap)
5. Any time laughing

Places to go (in a city)
1. Book Stores
2. Zoo/Parks
3. Sporting Events/Concerts
4. Hole in the wall bars or restaurants
5. Museum

Places to go in the World (that you’ve been to)   I clearly need to start traveling more...
1. NYC
2. Boston
3. Shenandoah Valley in VA
4. Jamaica (I’m going in June, close enough)
5. Cape Vincent, NY

Best Live Shows I’ve Seen
1. Linkin Park at the first Bamboozle in 2007
2. Killswitch Engage
3. Lamb of God
4. Rob Zombie –1st concert
5. All That Remains at the Electric Factory in PA

People I Could Live Without
1. People who hurt the elderly, children or animals
2. People who don’t use proper grammar or pronunciation. – The word is ASK not AXE
3. Ignorant and intolerant people
4. People who chose to see only the negative in situations
5. People who complain incessantly.


  1. You played hookie??? Good for you! I plan on doing that a lot this summer. A lot. 
    I like that you played "Ouch! Ouch!  you're on my hair!" , that's a perfect way to spend part of your self-imposed day off. 

  2. Hugh Jackman is too low on that list.

  3. I love lists too!  But I'm the polar opposite of anal and organized.  Ha!

  4. I love the Electric Factory, such a good venue.

    Good for you for taking off.  I have been doing that a lot recently too... but am never productive when I do it.  Unless sleeping is productive.

  5. I read the glass castle! It's great. 

  6. Oh I'm not anal and organized. That's simply a small, very small, part of my personalities. 

  7. It's in no specific order. If it were he'd be #2.

  8. Ooohhhhh I'm with you on listing, I can never resist. Will be borrowing this one in an attempt to break out of my recent blogging slump!

  9. I LOVE LISTS! I also love hole in the wall bars & restaurants -- that's a good pick.

    But I have to say Pierce Brosnan never did it for me as 007. His nails were too clean.