Friday, March 16, 2012

Warm Fuzzies

When Boyfriend was leaving to go to work this morning he came back to inform me that this was outside my front door. I figured my 4 were going crazy over the new scent but apparently they were too consumed by their first world hunger problems. Read: I just ate 5 minutes ago now I'm starving! 

OooOoo Kitty!

I saw the people who live below me (I think, they were outside the apartment below me) petting him so I'm guessing hoping it's theirs. I can not adopt another cat. I promised Boyfriend I wouldn't keep him. That and I think one more officially put me in that dreaded crazy cat lady group. That's a no-no zone for me. I wanted to play with kitty I felt bad knocking on the door at 7am so I slid a note under their door saying that I have the cat. He's beautiful. And soft. Like cashmere. I'll let you think about the warm fluffiness for a minute...

It's cuddly right?

This post is actually supposed to be to share some love. While cruising around the blogosphere I stumbled upon these posts and I feel compelled to share them with all of you. Who knows, I may just make this a weekly thing. Yea, let's all laugh about that. I'm sooo inconsistent.

Abby Gabs. This post is about why she hates the snooze button. Although I can sympathize with her, I'm beyond guilty of this. I'm new to her space but I like what I'm reading!

The Rambling Person. He posted a poem he wrote that I related to so much I had to share it. He doesn't specify what it's about but I know what my interpretation is. What about you?

Finding Our Way Now. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Susan's blog through The Simple Dude. She did a guest post for him about those who hog the aisle at the grocery store. Not only is it something I'm sure we've all encountered, but it's funny and her illustrations are awesome.

1., b., Platypus. I've been following Harley on Twitter for some time and for some reason I wasn't following her blog. It's corrected and it's funny. This post in particular shows of the talents (read: patience) of her cat. I have cats so cat posts are an instant win in my book.


  1. step away from the cat!! 4 is for sure the threshold and you aren't ready for that title yet! 

  2. I love Harley! Fan-f*cking-tastic recommendation there.

  3. Definitely not! The downstairs neighbor took him and is taking care of it.

  4. New kitty! Was he your neighbor's?