Sunday, March 25, 2012

You're A (blood-giving) Virgin Who Can't Drive

****Special Sunday Post****
(you guys are so spoiled)

I'm sitting in a folding chair at the Bogota Rec Center having just completed the questionnaire in order to donate blood. I'm happy to do this. One, it's on my 2012 BTD list. Second, I've never done it. Third, I'm helping. Even with all that goodness going on I'm freaking out.

See, a needle in my arm bothers me. It gives me crazy-irrational anxiety. The crazy thing is I'm not even afraid of needles. I've had my nose pierced several times and I've had my tongue pierced on three separate occasions. I have tattoos. In fact I love being tattooed. However four years ago having blood drawn for a routine doctor visit put me in meltdown mode. The best part about it? I wasn't the one even having my blood drawn. I was next.

I vividly remember being a kid at the doctors office and having blood drawn. I remember how entertained I was to see the blood moving through the tube. Fast forward to the balling 23 year old. What the fuck happened?! When did I become freaked out by blood work?

My donating gear
Fast forward again and I've been given the official green light to donate. I have my "tools" and I'll be moved to a bed momentarily. After going through the mini physical I'm feeling less anxious. The phlebotomist was really helpful. She answered any questions I had (why would the blood need to be destroyed; how do they destroy blood), she listened as I explained how the concept makes me irrationally anxious. Most of all, she made me laugh. The number one key to easing my tension. The best part was when she asked "which gender were you born as?" It caught me off guard and although I answered without question it definitely made me laugh. I'm sure this will change when I'm actually laying down. Actually, just thinking about that part is bothering me...

See what I mean? Totally irrational. It's so pathetic.

Now in lying on the bed and it's almost time for the main event. My arm is getting wrapped and the "waiting area" to my left is hosting another blood-giving virgin. He's nervous but seems to be handling it well. She tells me I'm going to feel a pinch and a slight burn and I know it's time to turn away. I still can't watch. I've been stuck and my liquid gold is flowing through the tubes.

Piece of cake!

15-20 minutes have passed and I'm done. I'm told I did awesome. And in all honestly, it was awesome. I can't wait for the next 56 days to pass so I can do it all over again. And by all I mean the irrational crazy too. Is there a place I can donate that?


  1. I passed out the last two times I donated, so they banned me! Good for you, though!

  2. AHHH it totally grosses me out. I can't handle donating. Could barely handle reading this..

  3. Good for you!! That is awesome that you got over your crazy and did a good deed! I have donated a few times, and have attempted to donate more times but I have the world's most uncooperative veins and anything less than an expert level nurse and a kid's butterfly needle mean a big fat no-go for me.  My dad has given gallons, literally. They call him constantly and the man has to be on the list of top blood donors of all time. He's my hero. You're a close second now! Yahoo for you! 

  4. Oh and triple bonus points for the "Clueless" related quote in your title. I could totally picture Brittany Murphy saying that in my head... 

  5. You're the one being spoiled because I copy the link from Chrome and open it up in Firefox to comment (hey I'm dedicated). I can only remember having blood taken from me once, and what I remember about it is that I made a mistake when they asked me which arm I wanted them to take it from. I figured "Hey I'm right handed, that's gonna have all the best blood." and then I was pretty numb in my right arm for a while. It also felt kind of odd to be numb because I don't normally get numb or dizzy from blood loss. Anyway, well done you on being a big brave girl and giving blood :)

  6. Aww! Thanks for the extra effort!

  7. You're awesome. I'm afraid to give blood. I hate needles and tend to pass out at the sight of them going into my arm.

  8. Donating blood is seriously one of my favorite things to do in the world. I know. I'm a freak and a monster. I like to race my friends who are also giving blood. I'm like a vampire marathoner or something.

    Also, can we talk about this post title? Because BEST BLOG TITLE EVER.