April 04, 2012

23 Things

I completely fell off the ball when it came to Scintilla. The challenge is over now and although a few posts were interesting to write, I didn't feel that I could relate to the prompts at all. This one I liked but it was definitely something for a Random Wednesday post, so here it is, a little fluff to get us over the hump.

Write a list of 23. (23 things to do, 23 people you owe apologies to, 23 books you've lied about reading, 23 things you can see from where you're sitting, 23 ten-word hooks for stories you want to tell....) 

23 things huh? I'd love to jump on my soapbox and proclaim that this will be easy but I know better.

the smell of potting soil
the sound of high heels on the floor
the smell of honeysuckle
the smell of library books
the feel of moss beneath my feet
the sound of tires crunching over gravel
the feel of a horse's nose (this is what velvet should feel like)  
the way the air smells after it rains
the way my muscles hurt after a good workout, or sex
the sound of rain on a hot tin roof
the way a willow tree moves in the wind
the feel of a well fitting bra
when Boyfriends randomly kiss me on the forehead
putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer
making lists
being at the ocean (this is obsession, not like)
seeing elderly couples holding hands while walking
running in the rain
swinging in the park on a summer day
wind chimes blowing in a gentle breeze
cupcakes (also an obsession)
the smell of fresh paint

What are some of your favorites?


  1. Soooo many I agree with!  Potting soil! Yes!  Horses' noses! Yes!  Library books! Yes!  Rain!  The sounds of the ocean!  Swinging!  Yes yes yes!

  2. I can agree with some of those yes, in fact I may have to borrow this, assuming I can think of 23 things I like. Or 23 of anything. Hehe, I can do "23 things that caused me to break down." I'm assuming it's good I can make jokes about it.

  3. Lady In RedApril 04, 2012

    I like this 23 things idea. Maybe I can  use it for one of the letters coming up in the blog challenge.  But for now... I like many of the things you listed. I also like to watch lightening, playing in the rain (although haven't done that in a looooong time), visiting new places, playing with children... and so much more!

  4. Lady In RedApril 04, 2012

    Sorry, that's Bozo - I have two identities online ;-)

  5. So who's who?  You know, on a Batman v. Bruce Wayne scale?

  6. Wine. I'm so predictable.

  7. AbeerfortheshowerApril 05, 2012

    I've never touched a horse's nose... now I kinda wanna know. The rest, though, 100% agreed. I love the smell of a good library book... /nerd

  8. claybaboonsApril 05, 2012

    I had to laugh at the bra one.  I mean, I love taking off my bra.  ANd I hate wearing bras that are uncomfortable.  But I don't think I've ever put on a bra and thought "this feels great".  Ha!

  9. Catherine, ex oh mwah!April 07, 2012

    these are really cool and creative and well.. different. thankyou for having originality!

  10. Well, new bra meaning the girls are lifted, sitting perfect and looking amazing. THAT feeling  =]

  11. You have to do this. It feels amazing. 

  12. A HORSE'S NOSE! A HORSE'S NOSE! Finally someone gets it!

  13. I love forehead kisses! And cupcakes. But you knew the second one.