Friday, April 20, 2012

BDR: Bloggers Dispute Resolution

It's finally Friday. After my Central Park excursion on Monday this week has been dragging by for me. No worries. The weekend has arrived so today we'll be keeping it light and fun.

First up I get bored easily. That being said, CTAM is getting a makeover! Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition. And no, there won't be an annoying host who screams into a megaphone.  I don't know if it's just me but I thought the purpose of a megaphone was to amplify the sound of your regular voice, not broadcast one that is already screaming. Could just be me though.

Hello arms.
However if he's going to look like this, I might be persuaded.

I'll be keeping the color scheme but as I've gained more followers (yay!!! and thank you!) I feel the need to tweak things and it's going to require some formatting changes. Hopefully my indecisive self can find something both aesthetic and practical to present by Monday.

Our weather is going to be crappy all weekend so any touristy plans have been put on hold until next weekend.

Finally, I'd like your help in settling a little debate Boyfriend and I are having. I'm going to provide you with 2 pictures and a brief scenario and I need you to choose. Leave your answer in the comment AND if you would all be so sweet, spread the love so I can have a diverse polling pool. You can vote over here -------->
Scenario: You and your significant other go out to dinner. You sit at a table for four.
This is not an illistrative blog. Bare with me.

Suppose that seat 1 is taken by the lady of the party.

Question: Where does the gent of the party sit?


  1. If it's a person who talks in a regular voice, then I prefer across.  But since my husband is a quiet talker (argh!), I make him sit to my right.

  2. Yay for the makeover! And I think either  2 or 4 work. I tend to sit on Boyfriend's right side, so i think that would mean I'd want the boy at 2. Across is too far away!

  3. Well I already like the look, but I hope you find one you like. As for the question, it can't be anything but across right? Not for distance but for the whole "looking into eachothers eyes" thing and usually one a date people talk as well as eat, which is a lot easier when you're easily able to look at a person.

  4. I'm excited to see your blog makeover! Not that this format isn't lovely but it seems a little reserved for your awesomeness so I expect the new one will reflect a little more va-va-voominess (yes I made that up) 
    As for seating, it depends. We usually decide how we sit based on proximity to who else is seated around us, noise level in the restaurant (twin has a hearing issue, for real, not just to tune me out) . I don't really care as long as I can see and hear him. I'm easy like that. 

  5. Yayyyy for makeover!  I can't wait to see it! 

    Queer Eye for the Straight Guy dictates that the lady of the party always sits FACING the space, unless her dining partner is on the run from the mob.  In winter, the gent should sit at 3, with 2 and 4 being the dropping place for coats and bags and scarfs and hats and purses.

    In the summer, sans coats, my left-handed dude would sit at two.  Because we both use our dominant hand, experience has taught me that we will elbow each other to death if he sits on my right/his left.  Besides, this way we can use our "loser" non-dominant hands to hold while we fight over each others' french fries.  C'est la vie!

  6. Make overs are always fun and this one is looking good! As to your debate.... maybe boyfriend could sit in 3 for the start of the meal, and then for dessert/coffee, take 2 or 4.  I hope you'll let us know which way you like it - I'm curious lol

  7. I like the new look! And 2 or 4. I instinctively said 2 because I like corners, and that side looked very corner-y. Yes. I just admitted that this Baby actually prefers to be put in the corner.

  8. You win solely for the Dirty Dancing reference. Also... 2 and 4 are the correct answer.