Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Patience Is Not My Virtue but Vegas Is

Random fact of the day: One of my referring URLs is Americans Who Hate Obama. I'm 99% sure I don't talk politics on here So how that happened I'm not sure. Anywho...

I'm happy to say that my Blue Monday was apparently just a case of the Monday blues. My foul mood had faded by the time I got to class last night.

Since graduation is only 1 month and 5 days away I'm anxiously planning things to do this summer. I want to knock as much of my 2012 BTD list as possible. Since Jamaica is no longer happening due to poor planning it pretty much frees up my summer.

Rather than taking one long vacation I've always enjoyed long weekends. This way I'm optimizing my days off and I don't feel burnt out before or after a week long trip. Boyfriend and I were watching TV last night and a commercial for Treasure Island in Vegas came on. Which got me thinking... I want to go to Vegas! It's a smart idea for plenty of reasons.
  1. I've never been
  2. It's not on the east coast
  3. It's a more affordable vacation
  4. Boyfriend loves Vegas so he'd go with me
  5. See numbers 1-3.
I'm an organized procrastinator (it makes sense when you think about it) so I've started looking around a bit and want to get things rolling as soon as possible. Boyfriend and I are both on a shortage of "fun money" so it all depends on if I can find good deals on flights and hotel and we'll have to do some saving (God help me) but hopefully this can happen since it's not nearly as expensive as leaving the country. Plus I can just give any money I plan to/have saved to Boyfriend and he can hold on to it. So, I'm going to do my homework and see what I can find out, if I have to wait until next year, that's ok too. I'll spend a weekend in Chicago just to leave the east coast!

I've got a lot of big things on my plate this year but when it comes to the things that give me a break I usually try to overload myself. Which always ends up backfiring.

The biggest problem I have is my lack of patience. It's not that I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome, but that I want to experience everything. Seemingly all at once. If I can commit to doing one new thing a week, or going somewhere new every weekend then I'm not only experiencing everything but I'm not overloading myself or stretching myself to thin. Fortunately, a lot of the things I want to do locally are free (Central Park, Battery Park, etc.) Which brings back my You Call It, I Do It post. The weather is getting warmer and I need to get out exploring.


What plans are you most excited about this summer?


  1. AccordingtoJewelsApril 11, 2012 at 7:29 AM

    Vegas is somewhere that I'd really like to get back to. I went out with family when I was 19 and couldn't enjoy a lot of the late night activities, though I did take in a few shows. There is a lot going on is stimulation overload! I say go for it. 

    I know it is super dorky but I am most looking forward to a family reunion in OC, NJ this summer. As a kid my mother's entire side of the family (from CA, TX, IL, OH, Ireland, etc) got together there for a  family reunion and it's been about 18 years since that took place...until this summer. I'm kinda looking forward to reliving some of my youth. Dorky, like I said.

  2. WOOHOO VEGAS! I've never been. Sounds  fun, though..

  3. I'm very glad that your blues was just a case of the Mondays,  love.  Unfortunately I've no summer plans unless you count finishing my novel before June 1st (if it's not finished already, which I'm aiming for).  After that I'll just be throwing myself into the next phase of trying to get the bastard looked at by humans with literary connections while working "part time" aka a billion hours.

    All work and no play...

    *le sigh*

  4. I bet you could get cheaper tickets for Vegas in the summer, isn't it supposed to be hot?  I've never been either!

    I'm stoked to try Bolt Bus this summer.  For some weird reason I want to visit Boston, and it's only $30 for one person round trip!  That's a double feature at the movies!  It doesn't go to many places, but Bolt Bus is sooo cheap I'm totally going to exploit that for my summer travels.

  5. Great to hear that your Monday mood has packed up and left! Hope you can make the trip to Vegas - it would be so much fun - especially if your boyfriend goes along.  Love it when I rhyme without even meaning to ;-)

  6. The most exciting thing that's going to happen to me this summer is probably going to be surviving it. I hope you get to go to Vegas and I'd probably love to go one day, just to see all the pretty lights :P Just don't lose all your hard saved money!

  7. So now's the part where I rub it in! What are my summer plans? The wife and I are going to Vegas again. But keep in mind that this is where her family lives, and I've been there about 20 times now, so it's just to visit family, not to hit up the strip. Though I will be stuffing myself retarded at the buffet...

    You should totally go. It's a really fun, affordable trip... so long as you don't gamble. I've been there 20+ times and never gambled. I'd rather spend my money on fun stuff, not throw it away on a machine.

  8. I've never been! I can't gamble, so I'm totally on board with Abeerfortheshower's comment. As in....I'm way to fucking neurotic to ever gamble. Why spend money at a blackjack table or a slot machine when I can spend it eating my way through the city and pretending I'm working on con job with Ocean's 11?