Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Have an Itch For a Niche

We're in May and it doesn't feel like it at all. We're a third of the way through the year already. Actually, that's kind of depressing. It means winter will be back before I can say... well, something.

Today's post is sort of a tumble down the rabbit hole so stay with me and we'll get through it just fine.

First off, yesterday morning I perused articles on The Indie Chicks. It was their official launch and it's a great site for women with inspirational articles on all subjects. Two fellow bloggers who I stalk read regularly, Jewels and Kat, are contributors. If you haven't stopped by to browse the site and read their posts you should! Make sure to read some of the others as well. There's a great group of ladies at work here!

This led me to thinking...
What's my niche? 

Since I started I've stuck with general posts about my weekends, past experiences, fears, hopes, etc. I know that you don't need to have a one, but it can help to blog about a specific category. It can assist in gaining followers or it could open the door for writing guest posts or contributing to online magazines. I think it's safe to assume that a niche is nothing more than an interest. When you're interested in food, that's what you write about. Finding beauty through photos, you may have a photo blog. If you're a bit of a comedian or can draw, web comics or a humor blog. There's no end to the interests, and thus, the subjects for a blog.

But what do you do if you don't want to commit to something?

Personally, I love taking pictures and cooking, but I don't have the time and patience to be a photo blog. I don't have dating horror stories (I suppose this is both good and bad) so blogging about relationships doesn't work. I have such a myriad of interests that I don't feel I could focus on only one. Yet at the same time, I like structure and topics... and purpose. Purpose meaning that I'm not giving you guys half-assed posts. I want to give you quality, even though there's going to be fluff in there.

As I'm writing this the thought that keeps passing through my mind is that "I want more for my blog" What the hell does this even mean!? To compare, it's a younger sibling. I want it viewed in the best light. I want it to socialize and make friends and be better than I was. But it still brings me back to the question, What the hell does this even mean!? This isn't something I expect to find overnight. It will require thought and planning. I mean, is it something I really want to do. Do I want to be topic specific? There's no issue in blogging about general topics, but I think, maybe just to put these thoughts into words, that being general is becoming too general for me. 


And now I leave it to you. How did you find, or fall into, your niche/blog topic? Was it a hobby you've turned into words or photos or was it something you set out to create?


  1. Hmmm...what is my niche again? Blogging about Boyfriend and animals that talk? Is that a thing? I guess I kind of stumbled into it..Boyfriend encouraged me to blog which is why most of the posts are about him. No real explanation for the talking animals, though. 

  2. I still don't have a niche I believe. Part of me isn't sure I want to find it. It feels like it would just be too restricting. I tend to just deal with anything and everything I come across. Niches can help a lot though. I wonder if I'll ever find mine. Or if you'll find yours.

  3. This is such a timely topic for me. Lately I've been wondering whether I should have multiple blogs relating to limited topics. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I blog about a various topics, and my name, "Just Me With . . " is meant to leave it open for me to talk about more than one thing. Also, I refuse to be forever and constantly identified by, for example, my failed marriage (though sometimes I'm a divorce blogger) or my maternal status (I have children and sometimes write about parenting, technically that makes me a mommy blogger?? -- it has always been a pet peeve of mine when women are identified by their maternal status when it if not relevant i.e. "Grandmother of two receives award in biophysics -- what the hell does it matter that this accomplished woman had a child who had a child, making her a grandmother --- geesh???? " -- pisses me off, so mom, mommy or mother is not in my title). Likewise, I am divorced, not remarried and currently not in a relationship but am slightly uncomfortable with the title "single mother" if for no other reason that it is not completely descriptive and carries certain good and bad stereotypes which aren't me. I am a female heterosexual unmarried divorced custodial parent of multiples who is not currently in a romantic relationship -- but you know that doesn't flow. I even write about home improvement, real estate, law, music and pop culture. I have no niche. Therefore I am losing readers. People who write by niche: divorce, mom, singlemom, etc get more hits. Whatever. I'll figure it out. Just Me With . . . an identity crisis -- wouldn't be the first time.

  4. Ahh yes.  The age old question all of us bloggers come back to time and again.  WTH should I do with my blog?

    If I had an answer I would share with you.  But alas, my blog is stupid and I just allow it to be that way.

  5. That's pretty much how I feel as well.

  6. Yep. Asked myself this question a ton and then I realized that instead of trying to develop a niche, I could develop a style? I mean, I want to write about all sorts of things, and I think that's okay if people look at my writing, funny, serious or anything in between, and see my handprint on it. Read something and thing, "yep. Lorraine wrote that."

    I'm not saying I'm there, or anywhere close, but that does make me feel like I'm working toward something without pinning myself down into a one subject kind of deal. 

  7. I don't have a niche. It's why my blog will never go anywhere or do anything. It's a low-life slacker. Just like me. :)